Les Suprêmes Junior: The 2024 World Champion!


Les Suprêmes Junior reached up high for podium top. (Credits: Roy Ng - 2024)

It's historic! Les Suprêmes Junior, representing Canada, became the new junior world champions on Saturday, March 16, 2024. Let's look back at this thrilling event that took place in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

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After the Short Program, Les Suprêmes had merely 2.12 points lead ahead of the runner-up Finnish Fintastic and so both still had a very tight race.

Les Suprêmes took the ice first and skated their great program to "Albert Einstein". Team Fintastic, on the other hand, had their "Glamorous 1920s" program to prove themselves worthy of the medals. Both teams skated clean but the Canadians came ahead of the Finns by another 3.31 points.

On Saturday evening, Les Suprêmes (SP: 74.01; FS: 131.13; total: 205.14) unseated Team Fintastic from the throne, and returned home with gold medals and the World Junior Champion title. Team Fintastic (SP: 71.89; FS: 127.82; total: 196.68) can also be proud of the silver medals after impressing spectators with their enthusiastic energy.

Les Suprêmes Junior ready to take the World Champion title from former holder. (Credits: Roy Ng - 2024)

Fintastic giving it all their best in Neuchatel. (Credits: Roy Ng - 2024)

After Les Suprêmes and Team Fintastic took the ice successfully, enormous pressure was mounting on the last team to skate, the American Skyliners Junior (SP: 70.93; FS: 125.75; total: 196.68), to defend the third position.

Although they were also very skilled skaters with a solid program, one of the group lifts could not be executed due to a loss of balance. In any case, their bronze medals definitely recognize not just a full season of hard work but also their resilience against tough competitors.

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Skyliners Junior impressed the spectators with full on expressions and body language. (Credits: Roy Ng - 2024)

From the 5th to 12th positions, respective teams mostly maintained their positions after Short Program, but the Finnish Valley Bay Synchro Junior (SP: 64.58; FS: 119.98; total: 184.56) managed to climb up one position and finish 5th against Canadian Nexxice Junior (SP: 66.72; FS: 116.54; total: 183.26) who placed 6th.

The 2024 World Junior Championship in Switzerland was a successful event. The podium is shared between three different countries, Canada, Finland, and the United States, with a new world champion emerging by following the path to success paved by their senior counterparts.

Moreover, Sweden is gradually joining the world's top ranks, finishing 7th in these World Championships. This is certainly cause for celebration looking ahead to next year's Junior World Championships, which will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden!