A dream comes true for two former skaters


Quitting the synchro world completely? Jenny and Sabrina couldn't have imagined it. These two former skaters are about to create the first synchro team in northern Germany, and you can even help choose the name.

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"I never thought I'd have the chance to become a synchro coach!" starts Jenny. And yet, this German skater has devoted many years to synchro, as part of the Skating Graces family. 

After moving to Lübeck, a town in northern Germany (near Hamburg), her daily life will once again be filled with synchronized skating. In fact, she is about to launch a new Mixed Age team, which will start next season. 

"In this part of the country, synchronized skating is not very popular. Hamburg has only one or two skating clubs, and none of them offer synchro," says the young coach. Their team will therefore be the very first in northern Germany. 

Last summer, the new team even did roller skating.

"Most of our skaters are beginners who can do basic steps," continues Jenny. "Synchro skating will give them the opportunity to perform as a team, which is much more fun than competing alone on the ice. And the skaters are very excited to get into it!" 

The biggest challenge, according to Jenny, is working with different skating levels. Skaters also have to learn the basics of synchro, "the elements, the feeling of skating with different holds, etc." What's more, if the team wants to compete, it will have to belong to a club belonging to the German Skating Union (DEU), "which isn't easy", says Jenny.

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"Synchro is still an important part of my life", says Jenny who skated from 2003 to 2011 with the Little Graces novice team.

But the young woman is not alone in taking up this challenge. Her friend Sabrina will be the second coach. She skated with the Mixed Age Butterfl'Ice team.

"We've already got ideas for the future program, the music and the choreography," they say, even though they know it'll be a while before they can compete. 

"Synchro Waves" or "Seaside Fusion"?
The team can only train on the ice for six months of the year (from the beginning of October to the end of March), and the team needs to come to life as training progresses. "Nevertheless, I'm really looking forward to the coming season and potentially our first competition," she says. 

The two young coaches have yet to decide on a team name. "Synchro Waves" or "Seaside Fusion" are among the top 2. But perhaps you have another suggestion?