Carnival's notes to win the silver title


Canada's Golding Ice Junior won silver in their first-ever international competition in Sheffield, England.

For its first international experience, the Quebec Golding Ice junior team brought home a silver title at the Steel City Trophy in Sheffield (GBR). Interview with this team!

Golding Ice Junior is a team located on the North Shore of Montreal, Quebec (CAN). This year's team consisted of 14 skaters, 12 of which were on ice and were coached by Vanessa Damico, François-Xavier Ouellette, Audrey-Anne Blouin and Katherine St-Michel.

"We train three times a week and sometimes add a fourth practice at specific times depending on the competition schedule. We train between 7 and 10 hours of ice time per week," explained the team.

Two hours of workout and strength training, 2-4 hours of dance with professionals or choreography off-ice. "Our dance professionals this year were Jessie Mineau and Médric Filion. We also do about 1 hour of stretching, and each athlete must also take time at home to work on personal things to improve on and off the ice," said the athletes.

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This year, Golding Ice Junior's short program was a classical piece of music by Beethoven called "Moonlight Sonata." "The piece is a reflection of the painful losses Beethoven suffered while writing it: the death of a close friend, the inability to marry the woman he loved, and the realization that he would soon completely lose his hearing," the team said.

For the long program, the atmosphere was totally different as Golding Ice Junior skated to "The Rio Carnival." "Throughout the year, we had nothing but fun performing it, and for the most part, it is one of our favorite programs to perform."

"Both goals were achieved!"
You won a silver medal at the Steel City Trophy this year. Tell us a little about your experience there! 

"Yes, Steel City Trophy was our first experience at an international competition, and we were so happy to be there and experience this beautiful moment together. Our participation in the competition was wonderful, the volunteers were super helpful, and the event was well organized.

We had a lot of ups and downs this year, but we finally managed to have our international and get a silver medal. Our goals for the season were to get 55 points in the short program and break the 100 mark in our long program. Both of these goals were achieved!" said the Quebec team.

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The open house and auditions for next season are coming up very soon at Golding Ice!

To find all the information, visit the team's Instagram account: @goldingicejunior

Results - TOP 3

Steel City Trophy 2023
Sheffield (GBR)
MAR 03, 2023 - MAR 06, 2023

TEAM Score
1Gold Ice (CAN)162.01
2Golding Ice (CAN)159.06
3Team Icicles (GBR)125.20

TEAM Score
1Team Icicles (GBR)138.84

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Ice Dreams (GBR)58.25