Rockettes tops Senior category after short programs


The Senior team Rockettes did the best score in the short programs competition. /Credits : Kirsi Laine Photography 

The second qualifications in Finland are going on 3.-4.12.2016. The battle towards Senior's World Championships in the USA gets more and more exiting. After the short program, the gap in points is extremely small. Two Juniors representatives to World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships in Canada 2017 will be chosen on Sunday. All the twelve Novice teams to the Finnish Nationals are now selected.

After the Senior short program, Rockettes is leading. They skated their program with high concentration and got 66,20 points. Team Unique is close to them, scoring 65,51 points. Team Marigold Ice Unity was third with 64,61 points and Revolution start their free program from the fourth place, they got 52,18 points. All the teams succeeded splendidly – any of the three best teams may win on Sunday.

Novice Group 1 podium - 1. Team Dynamique 2. Starlights 3. Crystal Blades /Credits : Kirsi Laine Photography 

In Junior's short program Dream Steps surprised again. Team Fintastic won the short competition earning 56,13 points but Dream Edges pushed their way to the second place with scores 52,81. Musketeers were third earning 52,47 points. On Sunday, the two Finnish representatives to the WJSSC 2017 will be chosen.

Novice Group 2 podium - 1. Finettes 2. Diamond Edges 3. Valley Bay Synchronettes /Credits : Kirsi Laine Photography

In Novice competition the winner of the group 1 was Team Dynamique. Their performance was almost perfect and they really rejoiced at their success. The second was Starlights and the third Crystal Blades. In group 2, Finettes won the golden medal, Diamond Edges got silver and the bronze went to Valley Bay Synchronettes. Now all the 12 best Novices competitors for Finnish Nationals in February 2017 are selected.

Results - TOP 3

Finnish second qualifications 2016
Helsinki (FIN)
DEC 03, 2016 - DEC 04, 2016

TEAM Score
1Marigold IceUnity (FIN)190.92
2Helsinki Rockettes (FIN)189.14
3Team Unique (FIN)185.26

TEAM Score
1Team Fintastic (FIN)146.01
2Musketeers (FIN)141.45
3Dream Edges (FIN)133.36

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Finettes (FIN)52.65
2Diamond Edges (FIN)50.53
3Valley Bay Synchronics (FIN)49.46

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Team Dynamique (FIN)64.88
2Starlights (FIN)57.86
3CrystalBlades (FIN)47.29