Just a Few Days to Go Before the Challenger Series Kicks Off


Last year, the Junior Northernettes (USA) had signed a great performance by finishing 2nd in Neuchâtel. (Credits: Mario Huth - 2022)

After the cancellation of the first stage of the Challenger Series in Brampton, Canada, in December, the synchronized skating world is about to shiver with the four other stages. It starts in Neuchâtel in a few days.

The first stage of the Challenger Series, the Neuchâtel Trophy, will start this Saturday, January 14, in Switzerland. Ten senior teams and ten junior teams, among others, will take to the ice at the Maladière.

Among the favourites are the Helsinki Rockettes (gold medal at the last world championships) and Marigold IceUnity, the silver medalists. As well as Finland, the USA will be well represented by the Skyliners and the Teams Elite, the new senior team from Chicago.

The Junior level will also be very high, with two Finnish teams (including the world champions Team Fintastic) and two American teams. In these categories, France, Germany and Switzerland will also be represented. Check out the participating teams here!

Teams Elite Junior, last year at the French Cup. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2022)

The following weekend, the Challenger Series will continue in Salzburg, Austria. In the Senior field, sixteen teams will compete for medals! And in Junior, thirteen teams will skate. Discover the complete list here. The competition promises to be exciting! 

If you want to see the new 2022 World Champions skate, the Leon Lurje Trophy is the place to be. This 3rd stage of the Challenger Series will indeed welcome Les Suprêmes, who will make their comeback after their gold medal in Hamilton in April. The competition will take place at the end of January in Sweden. Eight Senior teams and eleven Junior teams are announced. 

Finally, the last and fourth stop of the Challenger Series will be held at the Spring Cup in Milan. Learn more about this event and its participants on the official website