These teams have greater ambitions this season


Team Fusion's new short program “Across the stars”

2023 marks the beginning of international competitions for the Spanish teams Fusion and Mirum, who are presenting brand new programs this year.

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The Spanish teams Fusion (Senior) and Mirum (Junior) started their season in September. "It was a little late, but maybe I have that impression because the "pandemic" seasons so far had given me more time as a coach to build the programs earlier and also to have a full team in the spring," explains coach Elya Matveeva.

One of their main goals was to have a Novice team again (to get three teams in the club). "It's difficult to start a competitive Basic Novice team again, but it's an interesting and new experience at the same time," the coach says.

"The free program was challenging to create"
The Spanish Junior and Senior teams plan to attend two international competitions and represent their country at Worlds this season. "We couldn't go to two internationals with both teams in previous seasons."

This year's Junior team programs are energetic and fun: "the short program is a Samba, and the free is "Paramour" from Le Cirque du Soleil." For the Senior team, the short program is called "Across the stars." In this performance, the skaters set off on a journey through an unknown galaxy to seek love but are guided by the billion stars in it. In the free program, Team Fusion conquers a beautiful desert which has not been mapped yet. 

"The Senior free program was challenging to create for me this season as a young coach. There are a lot of elements and also difficult ones. But I think we are good in general," explains Elya Matveeva.

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The Spanish teams had their first exhibition with new programs in early December, and two teams from another club in Madrid (Shooting Star and Team Halley) joined them. 

The teams then finished the year with two competitions: a regional competition in Madrid and the Nationals, which took place in mid-December. 

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