He has participated in all World Synchro Championships


Andrea Gilardi is the coach of the Hot Shivers teams in Italy. (Credits: A. Gilardi - 2022)

Coach for many years in Italy, Andrea Gilardi has not missed any ISU World Synchronized Skating Championship organized since 2000. Here are his memories.

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You have participated in all World Synchronized Skating Championships since the beginning. Tell us, what do you remember from the very first edition in 2000? 

Andrea Gilardi: Well, it was a big event in Minneapolis, and everything was done in the American style! The arena was amazing and packed with people. I remember some beautiful programs, especially by Marigold IceUnity and Team Berlin 1. I was already a coach.

Which edition was the most memorable for you? 

I believe that I have the 2014 Worlds in Courmayeur are on top of my list.

A team or a program that particularly marked you at Worlds? 

Nexxice’s free program to West Side Story in 2014 was amazing.

Synchronized skating has evolved enormously in the last twenty-two years. In your opinion, what are the biggest technical changes compared to what we know today?

There are too many things that changed over the years—the number of skaters and even the judging system. Mainly I would say the requirements that synchronized skaters need to face now in this discipline.

In your opinion, what direction should the sport take today? Are we on the right track with the arrival of Elite 12?

I think it should keep evolving with particular attention to the beauty that synchronized skating has reached so far without overturning it into a group sport. I don’t mind the Elite 12 project. I just don’t like the name.

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Now let's talk a bit about your teams Hot Shivers, that have finished their season. How are they doing?

My teams are doing pretty well, and I’m so happy that they got the chance to take part in at least Junior Worlds in Innsbruck and Worlds in Hamilton. Unfortunately, we were not able to participate in any other international competition.

Finally, you have received this season a prize for your sports efforts. Congratulations!

Yes, it’s a prize given by the Italian National Olympic Committee give to coaches who have served the Italian sport for at least 25 years and it’s called "Palma di Bronzo".

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