Hungary's dazzling rise in the Worlds rankings


Team Passion skating its free program at the World Championships. (Credits: Sean McKinnon - 2022)

Following the example of Germany, Hungary also finished in the top five nations at the 2022 Worlds. The country thus qualifies a second team for next season. Interview with Team Passion on the eve of its new season!

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Team Passion, you finished 8th at the Worlds this year in Hamilton. That’s a big step forward for your team, as your best result was the 14th rank! 

We were extremely happy and also satisfied with the final result. It took many years for us to achieve this result, to show the world that Hungary can reach the top teams. We think it takes us some time to process all the happenings from that weekend. We are very proud of all the skaters who worked hard during the past three seasons, which were very challenging for everyone. 

Our main goal for this season was to reach the top 10. And even if the two Russian teams had been able to take part in the competition, we would have still achieved this.

What did you think of your programs skated in Canada? 

After the short program, we were happy with the result, but we left many points in it as it wasn’t a clean program, so it was a bit bittersweet. We knew that we could do better, but except for the small falls, the skaters had enjoyed their time on the ice, and it gave them courage for the next day. 

During the free program, we felt that the whole team was really focused and calm. They could take the chance and skate clean with a lot of emotions. It was very special for us to watch them from the other side of the boards because we had a feeling that they were skating as one. 

Team Passion - Short program (Credits: Sean McKinnon - 2022)

With this result, you qualified a second Hungarian team for next season!

It has never happened before, so this will be a milestone in the Hungarian synchronized skating for sure.

But this is not an easy question as currently, we are the only senior team in the country. Anyway, we think that we need to focus on our team and try to maintain the progress and keep our position, or even step forward in the Worlds in the next season.

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Did you get any feedback from your federation or other Hungarian teams?

The president of our skating federation, the secretary-general, and other prominent people were present at our short program in Hamilton. They were delighted with the result, and we hope that we had awakened their interest in this amazing sport.


What are you going to work on for next season? 

We just started to form the new team for the next season, but yes, we hope this success will give the skaters even more power to continue and more or less, but this team stays together.

We would like to improve in skating skills and prepare two amazing new programs with Andrea Dohany, who worked really hard for us in the past seasons. We are so grateful for her. After three weeks off, we will now start to prepare for the new season.

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