Senior Worlds: Finland and Canada are in the lead after the short


Hamilton's FirstOntario Center at training time (Credits: Remo De Tomi - 2022) 

The Senior World Championships are (finally) making their comeback after two years of pandemic. This year, the city of Hamilton in Ontario (Canada) is hosting the competition. Follow with us, minute by minute, the unfolding of events during the short program's competition and find out the ranking in real-time.

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This is the big day! In Hamilton, the world's best teams competed at the FirstOntario Center for the Senior World Championships. 
Opening ceremony
The Opening ceremony began at the FirstOntario Center with official speeches and the parade of flags. The stadium was immersed in a blue atmosphere, and flags were also lit up in the middle of the stands. The spectators are arriving gradually while the Canadian national anthem was sung a cappella

Group 1
Team Vizyon (TUR) was the first team to compete. In shiny black dresses, the team from Ankara delivered a clean program named "Body Talks" with, nevertheless, some hesitations in the Moves Element at the beginning of the program. They collected 30.89 points for the short program. 

Representing Australia, the Team Unity then skated its short program "Can't Help Falling in Love". The performance started with a lot of energy and power, then a cascading fall occurred at the very beginning of the Pivot Block and several athletes fell and it took a few seconds to get back into the element. The team then recovered well and performed their program with passion, totalling 38.05 points. 

The new Swedish team Team Inspire skated a clean program. However, an individual fall just before the angled intersection. Lindsey Stirling's violins to the title "Kairos" carried the team and brought a nice energy to the performance. Score after the short program: 59.32! Learn more about this team and its preparation.

On tango melodies, the Hot Shivers team (ITA) presented a performance that was both intense and glamorous. The program was skated with fluidity and power and had no major errors. In the end, the skaters and staff were very emotional. A team of Italian fans also supported their favourite team from the stands. Andrea Gilardi's team won 56.59 points. 

Zagreb Snowflakes (CRO) was the last team in the first group. In purple dresses, the Croatian team skated its short program to "To Love You More" by Celine Dion. With a score of 38.17, the skaters of Ozana Miljkovic and Natasa Bahat finished 3rd provisionally, just ahead of the Australian team.

Group 2
Team Icicles from Great Britain opened the 2nd group. The team of Lauren Kelly and Esther Morris skated a clean program to "Survivor" in black dresses and colours on top. The score: 39.17 

Presenting a "dance with the wolves", Team Phoenix from Belgium skated an energetic and emotional performance. One of the skaters was dressed differently from the others to create a highlight. Despite two falls (one before the intersection and one in the circle), the team received 37.82 points. 

Arriving at full speed on the ice, the skaters of Team Ice Fire (POL) were certainly eager to show what they could do. The Polish team skated with energy and power. However, they had three falls just before the angled intersection and some hesitations during the Moves element. The team scored 40.31 points for the short program. 

In black and neon green costumes, Team Olympia from the Czech Republic received warm support from the audience. Indeed, the team skated a creative and dynamic short program with precision, while also presenting a beautiful skating quality. The Prague team received 58.99 points for their short program, and finished just behind Team Inspire! In this Czech team, two skaters are about to get married. Discover their story!

Team Fusion from Spain then took the ice with great delicacy. Their short program full of tenderness to "Dream On" by The Texas Tenors was skated cleanly. The team from Madrid collected 40.89 points. 

The Jingu Ice Messengers' return to the future was a very creative program full of great ideas. At first, fans will have recognized the DeLorean time machine. However, the Japanese team had three deduction points for falls just before the Intersection and the Pivot Block (score: 42.12). 

Group 3
As soon as he stepped on the ice, Nexxice was applauded by its audience. The home team skated a clean program to "Man, I Feel Like a Woman" by Shania Twain, totalling 77.65 points. 

Haydenettes then took over the ice with a powerful performance to "Sweet Dreams." However, Saga Krantz's team had two falls just before the block and then another before the intersection (score: 68.70). 

Team Ice on Fire (ITA) skated a good program on "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" for its first participation at the Worlds. An individual fall caused the team to lose a point, and they received 51.03 points for their short program. The Italians proved themselves with some great skating skills. 

Team Berlin 1 obtained a score of 60.99 (with 1 point deduction) for their short program in cabaret style. The German team skated with confidence and beautiful choreography. They finished just ahead of Team Inspire from Sweden. 

Miami University can be proud of its performance. In elegant black and pink dresses, the American team earned 71.77 points, beating their compatriots, the Haydenettes. 

Standing ovation for Les Suprêmes (CAN) before and... after their program to Aretha Franklin. The Quebec team delivered a perfect performance in bright white costumes. Les Suprêmes scored 81.51 points and are currently in 1st place!  

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Group 4
Skating for the Netherlands, Team Ice United presented "Through the Storm" and collected 34.95 points. Two falls occurred in the intersection and a third in the pivot block. 

Team Passion had no luck this time with three individual falls scattered throughout the program. Nevertheless, the Hungarian team skated with great energy a rhythmic program, earning 59.32 points. 

Starlight Elite from Switzerland skated a good short program to the song "Unspoken" by Hurts. After a clean performance, the Zurich team totalled 48.34 points. 

Thanks to their short program "Feel The Sound of Africa", Les Zoulous of France were able to secure 52.54 points on Friday night. The team skated their colourful program with power. 

With the two Finnish teams in last place, the tension remained until the end. 

The Helsinki Rockettes shone with their program "Femme Fatale" and charmed the judges and the public. The Finnish team scored 82.76, 1.25 points higher than Les Suprêmes. 

Marigold IceUnity skated "Nordic Spirit" and showed real intensity in the performance. Despite another flawless program, Anu Oksanen's team scored 77.48 points, putting the Finnish team in 4th place after the short programs. 

See you tomorrow (from 1:40 pm Hamilton time - 7:40 pm Paris time) to follow the teams' free programs minute by minute. In the coming hours, the reactions of the first 3 teams after their short program as well as some moments captured by our photographer Sean McKinnon.

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Results - TOP 3

ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships 2022
Hamilton (CAN)
APR 07, 2022 - APR 09, 2022

TEAM Score
1Les Suprêmes (CAN)236.31
2Marigold IceUnity (FIN)228.72
3Helsinki Rockettes (FIN)226.20