Senior Worlds: Gold for Les Suprêmes!


Les Suprêmes (CAN) (Crédits: Sean McKinnon - 2022)

After Friday's competition, which saw the Helsinki Rockettes (FIN) win the short programs, it's time to discover the free programs in these Senior Worlds Synchronized Skating Championships. The event is held in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada) and anything can happen on this second day of competition.

Here we are finally! In a few hours and after two years of pandemic, we will know who will win the gold medal, and everything remains open for the moment.

And if you want to discover the reactions of the current top 3 during the press conference on Friday, click here.

During the official practices on Saturday morning, the teams showed quality programs and increased confidence, which prepares for a breathtaking and suspenseful fight. We will follow the event, program by program, right here.

To review yesterday's live follow-up, it's here.

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Group 1
The Turkish Team Vyzion skated a soft program on Saturday. The team had some difficulties in the lifts and a fall occurred at the end of the program. They earned 64.20 points for the free skate and a score of 95.09 overall.

Team Ice United of the Netherlands had two falls in the angled intersection. Their "African Beat" earned them 83.41 points (ded 4), and 118.36 overall.

Team Phoenix won 75.56 points for their free program with a good tempo (total: 113.38). However, the Belgian team had to reckon with the pressure of the competition: a fall occurred in an angled intersection and the team had difficulties in the "death spirals".

Australia's Team Unity delivered a clean program to "Mary Queen Of Scots". With five men on the ice, the team was able to perform some interesting acrobatics and received support from the public. Score for the short program: 87.59 / Total: 125.64

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Group 2
In a disco style, Zagreb Snowflakes presented a clean free program, despite a double fall in a transition. The Croatia team obtained 74.45 points, and 112.62 in total.

Icicles (GBR) put a nice atmosphere in the ice rink. From the beginning, the public clapped to music which boosted the team. The British team put in a dynamic program, winning 78.41 points (total: 117.58)

The new Polish team Ice Fire performed very well on Saturday. At the end of the program, the skaters and coaches on the ice hugged each other. And for good reason, the team totalled 99.18 points for their free program, a total of 139.49, a good score for their first Worlds.

During the Team Fusion (ESP) flamenco, a fall happened in the angled intersection, then two more falls occurred in the "death spirals". With a total of 85.96 (ded 3), and a final score of 126.85, the Spanish team lost one place in the standings, finishing behind Poland.

Group 3
In blue costumes, Jingu Ice Messengers delivered a beautiful interpretation of "Avatar". Despite a small collision at the intersection in whip, the Japanese team performed flawlessly and with great energy. They scored 108.53 points for their free skate and 148.65 overall.

Starlight Elite (SUI) performed a clean program in elegant black costumes. Their performance "Trapped in a Dream" was skated with confidence. The Swiss team won 104.77 points, and 153.11 in total.

There were some great ideas and creativity in Team Ice on Fire's free program which just had a problem at the end of the lift and a fall in a twizzle but was quickly forgotten. The Italian team making their Worlds debut won 105.29 points (total: 156.32).

With its free program "Can You Hear Me?", Les Zoulous told the story of a deaf woman. The French team put in an emotional performance, winning 114.54 points and 167.08 overall.

Team Hot Shivers from Italy skated a good free program, showing great skating qualities. The "death spirals" were particularly successful, as well as the end which included several lifts and strong emotions. With a total of 112.85, Andrea Gilardi's team proved their skills and finished with 169.44.

Group 4
After already a very good performance on Friday, Team Olympia dazzled the public with a dynamic and daring programme. The Czech team has come a long way during the pandemic and delivered a clean and creative performance in Hamilton. They win 112.58 points, and 171.57 in total.

Team Inspire from Sweden skated with passion and great energy, despite some imperfections throughout the program. Some lifts (like a new lift starting from the back) and interesting transitions added an extra touch to the program. With 2 points related to falls (twizzle and angle intersection), they collected 110.60 (total: 169.92).

Team Passion skated its free program without fail on Saturday evening. The Hungarian team skated with a lot of musicality and prove great qualities both in skating, but in terms of speed and choreography. The team of Erika Kendelenyi-Gulyas and Bettina Pava-Sarkozi jumped for joy with their score of 122.89 and 182.21 for the total.

The German champions transported the public into the world of water with their free program "The Power of Water". Team Berlin 1 skated with speed, confidence and no major errors on Saturday night, earning 126.04 points for a total of 187.03.

After the short programs day, the Haydenettes were determined to prove what they were capable of. The challenge has been largely taken up. The famous American team skated a perfect program to the title "Hold On To Tomorrow". Obtaining 144.29 points for the free program, the Haydenettes widen the gap with a total of 212.99. Skaters and coaches were very emotional coming out of the ice.

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Group 5
Miami University (USA) opened the last group! The team of Carla DeGirolamo, Lee Ann Shoker and Kelley Morris-Adair delivered a clean and energetic performance. Carried by the cries of the American supporters, the team won 133.13 points (total: 204.90). For more about Miami University, click here!

Performing their program "From Darkness To Light", Marigold IceUnity literally went from shadow to light. Despite the pressure of the provisional 4th place, Anu Oksanen's team skated a flawless program with a lot of emotion. The Finns obtained the score of 151.24 for the free program, in total 228.72. A deduction was counted because a skater put two hands on the ice in an acrobatic move.

Nexxice skated his concept free skate "Mehcinut" flawlessly. The team of Shelley Barnett Simonton and Anne Schelter and Jennifer Beauchamp Crichton once again presented great skating qualities. For their free program, the Canadian vice-champions received 148.73, which makes 224.38 in total. Marigold IceUnity is therefore still in the lead.

There had never been so much noise in the rink as when Les Suprêmes finished their program. The Quebec team performed a perfect program to "White Crow" telling the story of Rudolf Nureyev, a ballet dancer. The team of Marilyn Langlois, Pascal Denis and Amélie Brochu obtained a score of 154.80, for a total of 236.31!

Then, the last team to skate was the Helsinki Rockettes and the tension was at its highest point. The program of the Finns who skated "Digital Twin" started perfectly, then two falls occurred in the No Hold Bloc. Launched at full speed, it took a few seconds for the skaters to return into the element. Fifth in the free program with 143.44, the Rockettes finally finished with 226.20. They, therefore, finished with the bronze medal, as in 2019.

Results - TOP 3

ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships 2022
Hamilton (CAN)
APR 07, 2022 - APR 09, 2022

TEAM Score
1Les Suprêmes (CAN)236.31
2Marigold IceUnity (FIN)228.72
3Helsinki Rockettes (FIN)226.20