Junior Worlds 2022: All about the free programs


Team Fintastic from Finland won the 2022 World Junior Championships. (Credits: © Skate Austria / Theresa Marka)

The best junior teams compete this weekend in Austria at the 2022 Junior World Championships! Discover our follow-up, program by program.

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After the short programs on Friday night, the scores are extremely tight. For example, there were only 0.5 points between the first three teams and only 2 points between the 18th and 22nd place. 

For the free program, the junior teams have to perform eight elements (two intersections, a Moves Element, a No Hold, a Pivot Block, a Synchronized Spin, a Traveling Circle and a choice between an Artistic Line or an Artistic Wheel). 

Group 1
23rd after the short program, the Turkish team Golden Roses opened the competition. Despite a 2.5 point deduction, the team from Ankara got 37.76 points for the free program (total: 59.25). 

Representing Australia, Iceskateers Elite skated a positive and catchy Grease-themed program. The team had some nice Moves and a good Artistic Line, scoring 56.40 in the free program and 84.87 overall. 

Zagreb Snowflakes from Croatia skated their free program to the theme of the movie "The Mask". The team had great energy on the ice and made no major mistakes. The Croatians collected 59.30 on Saturday and 87.80 in total. 

In dark costumes, Skating Graces (GER) performed their program "Maleficent" for a total of 66.03 points. The young German team participated in its first World Championships. They finished the competition with a total of 95.35 points. 

Group 2
Team Mirum from Spain skated its free program "Sun and Ice" well. The team had a clean performance indeed with good speed throughout the program. Mirum from Madrid scored 67.65 points and got 97.25 overall. 

Despite a fall in the box intersection, the Colibris Vienna (AUT) team continued its good momentum. The team of Sabine Konrath, Susanna Konrath and Päivi Putkonen performed a good free program (63.87 / 94.31 overall).

Illuminettes skated to the song "A Hidden Life" by James Newton Howard. The skaters delivered a beautiful interpretation of this classic piece but had some hesitations in the intersections. The team received 69.69 points for their free program. They are the first team to surpass the 103.76 point mark. 

Icicles (GBR) presented their version of Moulin Rouge with a mix of several well-known current songs. The team had a nice harmony on ice and skated their program with confidence, collecting 72.00 points (total: 108.69). 

The Olympiaworld ice rink in Innsbruck on Saturday afternoon. (Credits: Jocelyn Song - 2022)

Group 3
Team Harmonia presented "Spanish Rhythms" a colorful and fresh performance. Thanks to their free program, the team from Czech Republic collected 80.40 points and a total score of 119.21 points. 

Created only two years ago, the team Le Soleil can be proud of its performance. Despite a fall in the No Hold Element, the Polish skaters put on a creative program with good technical skills. They scored 73.89 points and 117.38 in total. 

Team Magic had a fall in the Moves element at the beginning of the program and then a second fall in a wheel transition at the end of the performance. Apart from that, the Hungarian team skated their free program with speed and beautiful choreography. The score: 76.99 / Total: 122.71

What a great performance from the Zazous! The French team skated a powerful and clean free program, showing also a nice maturity in their skating. The athletes from Lyon got 80.80 points, for a total of 126.68. 

Another very nice program delivered by the Cool Dreams of Switzerland. The team skated with confidence and beautiful edges, obtaining the best technical score so far (43.19). They won a total of 89.36 for their free program and 138.70 points overall.

Group 4
Skating to "Moulin Rouge", the Hot Shivers had a fall just before the first angled intersection and then a second one at the end of the program. Nevertheless, the Italian team delivered a moving performance in bright red dresses. They collected 89.08 points and 139.35 for the weekend. 

Team Ice Fire from Poland was less lucky on Saturday. Their free program to the song "New World Coming" by DiSA had three falls, two in the Moves and the third in a transition. Team Ice Fire received 88.61 points for their performance for a total of 141.64 points. 

Team Seaside (SWE) rocked the rink with their free program "Storm". Under the lightning and the rain, the Swedish skaters skated with power and energy. Thanks to a clean performance, the team won 105.09 points (total: 159.93). 

Nexxice transported the audience into the world of New York City. The Canadian team skated a creative and delicate program without any mistakes. In their sparkling purple dresses, the Ontario skaters scored 114.26 points and a total score of 172.68. 

Team Spirit then skated their free program "Rain dance". The team had good speed throughout the performance but had to deal with a fall in the first angled intersection and another in the Pivoting Block. The Swedish skaters received 103.23 points, 165.15 overall. 

Group 5
The Musketeers started the competition in the 5th and last group of these world championships. The Finnish team skated their free program "Magic Carpet" brilliantly; the skaters hugged each other at the end of the performance. The Musketeers collected 127.54 points, which means 193.29 points in total. 

Les Suprêmes Junior skated "Radium girls", a powerful and very creative radioactive program. The Canadian skaters performed some great elements but did not achieve as many technical points as the Musketeers. The Quebec team totalled 123.57 and 192.36 overall. 

Then the tension went up a notch with the Skyliners (USA) taking the ice. The American team skated their free program on "Gemini" with a controlled performance. The team was thrilled with their performance. They scored 132.05 points and a total of 204.39!

Skyliners - Silver medallists 2022! (Credits: © Skate Austria / Theresa Marka)

The Teams Elite's performance to Missy Elliott ended in tears... of joy! The U.S. junior team delivered an excellent free program with outstanding choreography. The team finished 2nd in the free program, with 131.70 and 204.11.

Teams Elite won the World bronze medal. (Credits: © Skate Austria / Theresa Marka)

Finally, the last team to skate was Team Fintastic from Finland. The free program "Brand new soul" was very well executed, and that gave the team the best total score of the evening (132.78). With a final score of 205.61, the Finnish team is crowned 2022 Junior WorldChampion for the second time in its history!  

Results - TOP 3

ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships 2022
Innsbruck (AUT)
MAR 17, 2022 - MAR 19, 2022

TEAM Score
1Team Fintastic (FIN)205.61
2Skyliners (USA)204.39
3Teams Elite (USA)204.11