Less than 0.5 points between the first 3 teams: the reactions after the short program!


Team Fintastic from Finland, Teams Elite and Skyliners (USA) participated in the press conference after the performance on Friday evening. (Credits: © Skate Austria / Theresa Marka) 

After the short programs, the scores are extremely tight in Austria, where the Junior Worlds take place this weekend. Team Fintastic (FNI) is leading with 72.83, followed by the two U.S. teams, Teams Elite (72.41) and Skyliners (72.34).

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Team Fintastic, you won the short programs with a very narrow lead... just 0.4 points. Nevertheless, you keep your world title for the moment. How do you feel?

Linnea Lehtinen (Team Fintastic): Of course fantastic, there is so much hard work for this.

Are you confident for the free program?

Linnea Lehtinen: Yes, why not? We'll now relax to be the best we can be tomorrow.

Teams Elite, for a first participation in the Junior Worlds, it's an incredible performance! What do you think will be your strengths to reach gold on Saturday?

Rena Knysz and Ellie Lim (Teams Elite):  We really pushed up the consistency. We have never been more prepared for a competition. And it's really good to have been able to show a good performance out there for our first Worlds.

Skyliners, you are currently 3rd. How are you going to prepare for the free skate?

Yurika Sakai and Christine Song (Skyliners Jr.): We're just going to rest tonight, focus on ourselves so we can skate the best possible performance tomorrow.

The junior teams will compete on Saturday from 2:30 pm (local time) with the free program competition.

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Results - TOP 3

ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships 2022
Innsbruck (AUT)
MAR 17, 2022 - MAR 19, 2022

TEAM Score
1Team Fintastic (FIN)205.61
2Skyliners (USA)204.39
3Teams Elite (USA)204.11