Synchro season finally starts in Italy


Teams at the 2016 Trento Cup. /Credits : Elisa Parini 

What a big weekend for Italian teams. Novices, Juniors and Seniors went to Trento, a city located in north Italy to compete for the first time of the season. The goal was to realize a good technical score to represent Italy during the international competitions. 

This weekend most of Advanced Novice, Junior, and Senior Italian teams confronted themselves in Trento Cup. It was an international Synchronized and Single skating competition valid to acquire the minimum technical score (TES) to join other international competitions.

The Advanced Novices teams should reach a minimum of 18 TES during their free program. Juniors had a minimum level of 13 points for the short and 19 for the free. By Seniors, teams had to present a short program with minimum 13 technical points and a free skate with a minimum of 25 points TES.

The Junior champions. /Credits : Icephoto

In the competition participated three Advanced Novice, five Junior and two Senior from different regions, all of them gave their best, but unfortunately, the programs still need some work and thus the minimum TES has been achieved only by Hot Shivers teams. These teams did a total of 42,75 points in the Advance Novice, 103,23 points in Juniors and the Senior team won the competition with a total of 130,27 points for both programs. 

Again this year an interesting challenge developed between Ladybirds and Ice on Fire teams, with tied in results, which are forecasting once again an intense competition thorough the season... Don't miss it!

The Novice's podium 2016. /Credits : Icephoto

Results - TOP 3

Trento Cup 2016
Trento (ITA)
NOV 18, 2016 - NOV 19, 2016

TEAM Score
1Hot Shivers Senior (ITA)130.27
2Crazy Splinters (ITA)61.88

TEAM Score
1Hot Shivers Junior (ITA)103.23
2Ladybirds (ITA)82.55
3Ice on Fire (ITA)81.34

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Hot Shivers Novice (ITA)42.75
2Ice on Fire (ITA)32.54
3Ladybirds (ITA)30.67