The suspense in Finland for the Worlds qualifications


Team Fintastic is leading the competition but the differences between the teams are small. (Ville Vairinen - 2021)

The top five Finnish teams are competing for the World Championships this weekend. Teams skated their short programs on Saturday in Espoo Metro Arena without audience, as usual this season.


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Team Fintastic earned a good score of 69.28 points with a confident and precise skating of their "Force of Her Nature "program. It clearly was the best performance of the day. They got the highest technical and component scores.

Dream Edges Junior succeeded well and also had a faultless performance. Their "A child's road in the wilderness of the earth" earned 67.38 points, and the team was extremely happy with the result.

Valley Bay Synchro finished in third place after short programs. Their "The Giving Tree" program had a good flow, and the team skated softly, getting a total score of 66.36. 

Dream Edges Junior skated a flawless program on Saturday. (Ville Vairinen - 2021)

Musketeers who started the competition created a cheerful and hose atmosphere in the ice rink with their program “Light at the end of Tunnel”. Although there was no single error in their program, the team placed 4th after the short program and got 64.60 points.

A slight error ruined the Intersection Element of Team Mystique, and they had to settle for fifth place. The program “Last Breath of Winter” gathered a total score of 64.04 points.

Qualifications: how does it work?
The competition will continue on Sunday with the free skating section. The winner of this qualification will be "Team Finland 1" at the Junior Worlds 2022.

"Team Finland 2" will be selected based on this calculation: at first, the average of two best qualification competitions of three (Nationals and WJSSC) is counted. To this average is added the total points for Junior Worlds qualification. The team with the highest total score will be selected (excluding the winner of the WJSSC qualification). In the event of a tie, the team with the higher overall score in the Junior Worlds qualification will be placed.

At the moment, Team Mystique has the highest average (174.92) followed by Valley Bay Synchro (169.39).

The second qualification of the Interclub series is also taking place this weekend in Espoo
On Saturday competed the Section 2 of Basic Novice, Junior B and Juveniles series. The competitions of Adult, Masters and Senior B series were cancelled due to the Covid-19.

The winners of the day were Team White Pearl (KKJT) in Basic Novice with a total score of 62.07 (No ISU scores) points, Team Sympatique (HSK) in Juveniles earning 35.13 points, and Crystal Illusions (SaiML) in Junior B scoring 47.71 points.

Results - TOP 3

Second Finnish Interclub competition 2022 & Junior Final Qualifications
Espoo (FIN)
JAN 29, 2022 - JAN 30, 2022

Junior B
TEAM Score
1Crystal Illusions (FIN)47.71
2Valley Bay Synchrostyle (FIN)46.16
3Lunae (FIN)45.88

TEAM Score
1Team Fintastic (FIN)196.02
2Musketeers (FIN)180.68
3Team Mystique (FIN)177.70