A synchro team on the ice of the European championships


Dressed in traditional costumes, the skaters performed an Estonian dance. (Credits: Team Diamonds - 2022)

The best European singles skaters competed last weekend in Tallinn, Estonia. The only synchro team in the country participated in the opening ceremony.

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This was one of the first appearances of the team, and already this one was highly publicized! 

The Mixed Age Team Diamonds from Estonia took part in the opening ceremony of the European Figure Skating Championships a few days ago.

"We danced a rather light dance, the meaning of which was to show the values of Estonian culture, namely native dances. Arvo Pärt is the composer of the piece we danced to (Ukuaru Waltz). This composer is also very famous and valuable in Estonia," said the team coached by Lea Rand (head coach) and Kristiina Lokai (assistant coach).

The team's coach was contacted to participate in the ceremony. (Credits: Team Diamonds - 2022)

"There was a feeling of pride that we are taking part in this event, and we were very glad that we were chosen for the opening ceremony of the championship," explained the synchro skaters who hosted the European championships in their own arena, Tondiraba, in Tallinn.

A total of 36 skaters participated in this performance. 

"We started training a month before the championship. The last two weeks were mostly dedicated to dance. To make it beautiful and in sync, we had to rehearse a lot. The objective was really to show the culture through the Estonian dance," continued the team who skates in the Mixed Age category.

First competition soon
Team Diamonds is the first and currently the only synchronized team in Estonia.

The team is planning to start the competitions very soon. "In Sweden at the Nacka Trophy 2022," said the team. This competition will be held from February 4-6. "This will be our first and only start this year. Unfortunately, other competitions that we planned were cancelled. Therefore, we are very happy and looking forward to performing in Sweden."

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The only synchro team in Estonia