Second stage of the Challenger Series - Day 2: what you have to know


The Senior podium (Credits: Lumière Cup - 2022)

The second day of the Lumière Cup - 2nd stage of the Challenger Series - took place on Saturday in the Netherlands.

ADV picture
In the Junior division, the Russian skaters of Crystal Ice skated a fantastic free program again, scoring them 134.18 points (206.15 in total). Their synchronized spins got a level 4, with only +4 and +5 GOE from the judges.

Representing the USA, Team Image Junior skated away with the silver medal with a total score of 166.48. Skating in bright blue dresses filled with many sparkles, the team skated a strong program with a lot of speed and unison.

Team Cool Dreams (SUI) claimed 3rd place with a total score of 123.59. The team is currently coached by Tanja Schneider and the former Nexxice skater Nadine Bahnholzer, both from Switzerland. Their confident free program showed that the team is back in business.

Team Le Soleil (POL) is getting better and better in each competition. They improved their free program score by 7 points on Saturday and finished 4th overall. 

The second Swiss team, Starlight junior from Zurich, skated a beautiful choreographed free program on the theme "Mountains" with lovely grey and white dresses, finishing 5th.

Skating to the music of the Netflix original movie "The Prom", Les Zazous (FRA) finished 6th.

Once again, all the junior teams had good skated without any big error or fall.

Team Paradise (RUS) had a nearly perfect free program. Although they didn't get their Creative Element called, they managed to take home the gold with a lead of 17.94 points before their fellow countrymen Team Crystal Ice Senior, who finished 2nd. Both teams skated programs full of speed, confidence, smooth and quick transitions.

French team Les Zoulous finished 3rd with their emotional free program called "Can you hear me?". Using sign language in the choreography, the team reached a total score of 154.81 points.

Skating in dark blue with gold dresses, Skating Graces (GER) had some trouble with its intersections, but overall the program was good and looked confident on the ice. They finished 4rd in the final standings. 

Team Ice United (NED) reused their free program from 2020 called "African beats". A highlight of the program was definitely the fact that they had eight skaters who did axels during their Artistic Circle!

And otherwise...
Sadly, Sunday's interclub competition of Lumière Cup 2022 had to be cancelled since this part didn't obtain the label "professional sports event" delivered by the federation. That means that the event wasn't allowed to take place due to the current lockdown in the Netherlands.

The organizing committee did everything to make the teams feel safe throughout the weekend. On Saturday, several teams even underwent a small Covid-19 test on-site for those returning home or continuing their journey to Finland to participate in the Marie Lundmark Trophy.

The more observant fans will also have noticed that the local teams were absent from the starting lineup. Team Illumination (Sen) and Team Illuminettes (Jun) were quarantined and had to watch the other teams compete on their own ice rink. One of the volunteers had printed the portraits of the skaters, coaches and chaperones to show them that they were thinking of them.

‘’ Unfortunately, Team Illuminettes was unable to compete.’’ (Credits: Bert Egelmeers, SkateSynchroPhoto - 2022)

The Lumière Cup ended without spectators but in a good atmosphere as volunteers were dancing near the ice. The organizers hope to see all the teams for the 6th Lumière Cup next season. 

Results - TOP 3

Lumière Cup 2022
Eindhoven (NED)
JAN 13, 2022 - JAN 16, 2022

TEAM Score
1Crystal Ice (RUS)206.15
2Team Image (USA)166.48
3Cool Dreams (SUI)123.59

TEAM Score
1Team Paradise (RUS)226.55
2Crystal Ice (RUS)208.61
3Zoulous (FRA)154.81