Pandemic: a few teams cancel their international trip


"It is important for us to do the best we can to keep ourselves as healthy as possible," explained Marigold IceUnity. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2021)

With the resurgence of the pandemic, this is to be expected. Several of the world's top teams announced this week that they would be withdrawing from upcoming international competitions.


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Several international teams announced this week that they would not be participating in international competitions this weekend and in the coming weeks. This is another blow to the fans and of course, the competition organizers who are doing their best to provide the safest possible environment for the athletes. 

"We really wanted to compete but unfortunately Covid has impacted our training immensely," explained the U.S. senior champions Haydenettes this week who cancels its trip to Europe.

Unfortunately, Covid has also impacted other synchro teams' training over the last few weeks and some have not been able to keep a healthy team. "It is important for us to do the best we can to keep ourselves as healthy as possible," wrote Marigold IceUnity. 

Several positive cases have also been revealed among the Lumineers from Finland who after their withdrawal from the Hevelius Cup, unsurprisingly renounced also to the competitions of this weekend. 

"Due to the covid situation in Italy and some positive cases in our team, we are sadly not able to leave for the Netherlands. There are no words that can describe how we are feeling at the moment," said Team Ice on Fire. Both Hot Shivers teams have already announced that they will not be travelling in the coming days.

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