Team Tatarstan edge out the multiple world champion Team Paradise in Russia!


Tatarstan's powerful "Boom boom pow" short program led them to victory. (Credits: Evgeniy Nikiforov - 2021)

The Senior Russian Team Tatarstan skated off with the gold medal at the 4th Stage of the Russian Cup in Yoshkar-Ola on Saturday. Kazan's team claimed the gold while the free program's leader Paradise settled for the silver.

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It was the surprise of the last weekend: Team Tatarstan crushed the competition at the 4th stage of the Russian Cup (230.23). The team from Kazan led the Senior event to another podium sweep, with Team Paradise (225.82) taking the silver medal and Crystal Ice (212.12), both representing solid competitors. 

Team Tatarstan, a few hours after your victory. How are you feeling?

Honestly, feeling GREAT!!! We were EXTREMELY HAPPY!!! The whole team was screaming and hugging each other!!! Because we made it! It was super nice hearing from so many people not only from Russia but also all over the world nice things about our skate and our programs!

Shouts of joy when Tatarstan discovers that they got 4 points lead. (Credits: Evgeniy Nikiforov - 2021)

What does this victory mean to you? 

It’s not about winning gold; it’s more about putting out two clean skates and overcoming the situation because, mentally, it wasn’t an easy moment. For us, that win means everything is possible; you just have to keep going and put so much more into every single practice!

Have you changed anything in your programs or preparation in the last few weeks? What have you been working on?

We kept the short program as it is, but the free we changed a bit in a few places to make it more powerful and creative! We were working on speed, precision and, of course, technical part of elements. 

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Could you tell us about your programs this season?

Our short is so much fun we are skating for "Boom boom pow" by Black Eyed Peas. This program gives goosebumps and makes everybody dance with us! We love it so much!!! 

The free program for that season is "Cat Woman", we have sexy black dresses with green details and a cool open back. The program is full of creative tricks and transitions!!! Especially everyone is in love with our creative lift because it's breathtaking. They look scary and are performed at the end of the program.

What international competitions will you be participating in this season? 

We are going to Poland to the Hevelius Cup in January. And we guess the whole world is missing the World Championships (WSSC), so we really hope the competition is gonna take place. Also, we want to say a huge THANK YOU to our coach for making us better every single day, to our fans for the great support and our parents for their endless love.

The Senior podium this weekend, with Paradise winning the silver and Crystal Ice the bronze. (Credits: Evgeniy Nikiforov - 2021)

A very skilled new generation of synchro skaters
Tatarstan finished with gold in the Seniors, Sunrise-1 won the Junior competition... The competition is very tough in Russia with more and more qualified and professional teams and an exploding scoreboard! 

Just in the Novice A category, twelve teams were competing, and two of them surpassed 90 points, which is enormous for such young skaters! In the Novice Basic event as well, ten teams competed, and the winners (Golden Prize) managed to score over 50 points! 

Synchronized skating is growing in Russia, with more and more teams. The Russian national championships are going to be very exciting!

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Results - TOP 3

Fourth stage of the Russian Cup 2021
Yoshkar-Ola (RUS)
DEC 17, 2021 - DEC 18, 2021

TEAM Score
1Team Tatarstan (RUS)230.23
2Team Paradise (RUS)225.82
3Crystal Ice (RUS)212.12

TEAM Score
1Sunrise 1 (RUS)206.50
2Idel (RUS)199.46
3Crystal Ice (RUS)190.61

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Sunrise 2 (RUS)91.98
2Kazanochka (RUS)90.68
3Junost (RUS)81.75