International Competition Cancelled Due to Covid Resurgence


The rink would have hosted in February 2022 over 60 teams, including 4 seniors, 6 juniors and 18 Mixed Age teams.

COVID-19 wipes out the 2022 Cup of Dresden international competition in Germany for 2nd straight season.

The 3rd Cup of Dresden has been cancelled due to the Covid. How do you feel?

Susanne Schöne: Tired. And a bit lost because we don't know what to do with so much free time in the winter months ;) Of course, we are very sad, especially because of the teams. They were all very nice and understanding. But we also know that the athletes are very disappointed and afraid that more competitions will come our way.

On the other hand, we are relieved not to have to stare anymore "like a rabbit at a snake" (as we say in Germany ;)) at the increasing numbers and changing announcements regarding the Corona rules, as we did every morning. 

The Cup of Dresden organizing team two years ago: Claudia Gallwitz, Torsten Wenzel and Susanne Schöne.

How long have you been preparing for this competition?

The preparations for the competition started in the early summer months when we tried to find a date for the event and prepare the preliminary announcements. The publication of the date also marks the beginning of public relations as well as team communication. Officials from the relevant countries were to be found. With the incoming pre-registrations, the first schedules were prepared, the entire corporate design, as well as the websites, were updated.

Arrangements were made for hotel reservations and with sponsoring partners, technicians and helpers, and ideas were collected for a competition flash mob. This year, the girls from Skating Graces from our neighbouring city Chemnitz were excited to develop it. The skaters for the opening ceremony were already in the starting blocks for the first training sessions in December and much more.

How many teams were already registered for this edition?

We had 61 pre-registrations for the Cup of Dresden. They were from 12 European countries, including 4 Senior, 6 Junior teams and incredible 18 Mixed Age teams.

What made you take this decision?

There were various triggering moments and reasons—for example, the moment when we realized that there was no planning certainty. The government's regulations were adjusted from week to week, but the number of Corona cases continued to rise.

And of course, the moment when we became aware of the enormous responsibility for the safety and health of a large number of people, their families and friends, because neither vaccination nor testing guarantee anything...

You had already been forced to cancel the event in 2020. Do you manage to keep the enthusiasm of the people involved in the organization? 

Most of the preparation is done by the organizing committee of 2 to 3 people. All other people and volunteers involved only come into play shortly before the competition. In this respect, there are fortunately no other people who might be disappointed that they have done their work for nothing. But we assume that the Skating Club will not let this get them down and will start planning a Cup of Dresden again next season. 

At the moment, for the readers to understand, what is the situation with the Covid in your region and more generally in Germany?

At the moment, we are a so-called hot spot region in Saxony, with an incidence of 1200, in our hometown Dresden since a few days around 1000. In general, the numbers in Germany seem to be slowly decreasing with an incidence of around 400. But the hospitals here in Saxony have only a few places left for Covid19 patients; some of them have already been transported to other federal states. We all hope that the peak will be reached soon.

But until then, the restrictions are harsh. Christmas markets are banned, restaurants must be closed by 8 pm at the latest, people are told to avoid all unnecessary contact. People who have not been vaccinated are forbidden to enter shops, museums, clubs and restaurants. Sporting events are only possible without visitors. Tourist accommodation is not allowed in Dresden.

Have you thought about organizing a virtual competition? 

Of course, we talked about it two or three times. But we decided against it. At the moment, we are looking into all possibilities to postpone the 3rd Cup of Dresden to spring/early summer. But we cannot promise anything yet! In the meantime, we would like to urge all teams not to lose heart. The situation in Saxony is not the same as in other regions, and we want as many competitions as possible for everyone!