Fall Classic in California - "It was such a great feeling to finally compete again after so long"


The Haydenettes skating last weekend in Irvine, CA. (Credits: Cynthia Slawter Photography - 2021)

Nearly 70 synchro teams competed in California last weekend at the Fall Classic 2021. This highly anticipated event kicked off the season for many teams who had not competed in a live event since the Covid. The reaction of the two participating senior teams!

"Our first competition of the season this past weekend at the Fall Classic in California was great! We were very happy to debut our new short program and free skate in front of the judges and audience," Haydenettes said after their performances.

For them and the other participating Senior team - Skyliners - this was the first competition since Nationals in February 2020. 

"It was such a great feeling to finally compete again after so long. The audience was very supportive, and I think everyone was thrilled to be able to watch synchro live again. The energy in the arena was extraordinary, and it helped us to create a special feeling with both of our programs," continued the Haydenettes from Lexington, MA.

The Skyliners Senior, representing the Skating Club of New York, were also excited to get back into the competition swing of the season. "It felt good to be back competing. We put out two technically sound programs with plenty of room for improvement on cleanliness of both programs," said the team.

Skyliners' short program this season is Everybody Wants To Rule The World. "It's a dynamic piece that really showcases our grace and speed throughout the entire program. Our long is Somebody's Watching Me a strong piece that gives the feel of being watched by a stranger, falling in love with them, and running free at the end! This program shows our strength and fierce skating style throughout the entire program!" Skyliners explained.

This season the Skyliners Seniors only have a handful of returning skaters from the Covid and 2020 season. "With a brand new team, we are excited to create a new set of bonds, new traditions, and memories as a team," continued the team, which finished second with 178.75 points in total.

For this season's short program, the Haydenettes are skating to Sweet Dreams. "It is a high energy program with unique and fun choreography moments that we love. In a great contrast to our short program, our free skate Hold on to Tomorrow exudes a calm feeling," said the skaters.

With these programs, the Haydenettes hope to highlight their skating skills and express their connection to the music. "Both programs have a strong focus on flow and lightness, while also maintaining power. We cannot wait to see how these programs continue to develop as the season progresses."

The Haydenettes scored 196.48 points at the Synchro Fall Classic, finishing first in the competition.

Some changes in the coaching team
Lee Chandler has been a great addition to Hayden's coaching staff. "Saga and Lee have been working together to combine their strengths, which we think will really push us ahead this season. Over the past year and a half, we have spent a lot of time working on skating skills, including posture and flow. Now, we are focusing on incorporating those skills into both of our programs," explained the Haydenettes, 5x World Bronze Medalists and multiple times U.S. National Champions.

A few days before the 2021 Boston Classic, the synchro season starts with great energy in the United States. But if the national competitions are starting again, these next months are still uncertain for a few teams. "We don't know if we will be competing internationally this season just yet. We will find out in the next few weeks," said the Skyliners.

2021 Synchro Fall Classic
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