One team, one panel and judges... A win-win solution


All the officials attending the seminar with Les Zoulous, junior team Les Zazous and their coaches.

From November 4th to 7th, the ISU hosted a seminar for judges and technical panel in Lyon, France. The local team, Les Zoulous, was the demonstration team.


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The seminar was divided into different parts: a "theoretical" part and a "practical" part where Les Zoulous were the demonstrating team.

After a few "skating skills" exercises, the team showed different synchronized skating elements. "This seminar helped define to the entire technical panel the different elements as well as the important points to validate the different levels," explained Aurore and Thomas, captains of the team. "Concerning the panel of judges, it allowed us to define what can increase the quality of execution (GOE) and what can also decrease it".

The team demonstrated a few elements and all the different possible configurations such as the circle: interlock, weaving, relative position change... "We were also asked to show mistakes on purpose, falls, touching, imbalance, etc... to allow the panels to know how to react and note these mistakes," said the captains.

The workshop ended with the presentation of the team's two competition programs, which allowed the panels to implement what they had learned and reviewed during the seminar.

Les Zoulous with Uliana Chirkova, host of the seminar.

This seminar was a great opportunity for the team, halfway between their first competition and their next deadline.

"We were also able to review different aspects of the rules, and testing different mistakes allowed us to really understand what is expected by the officials," said Aurore and Thomas. "We were also able to take advantage of the numerous feedbacks on our elements, as well as a debriefing on our programs, following the competition simulation on Sunday," the captains concluded.

Les Zoulous still have a little time before going back to competitions: the French national championships in Cergy-Pontoise from December 16 to 18. 

"We will then have a few days off before launching into the international season with the first two Challenger Series: the Lumière Cup and the French Cup, then the Spring Cup which will be our last competition before the world championships" finished the two captains of the team.