They are the only synchro team in their country


Last weekend, Team Gloria presented its new program and new costumes for the first time.

With six training days per week, the Novice Advanced Team Gloria hopes to represent Belarus at the international level one day.

"Synchro skating is amazing, exciting and just a very beautiful sport. We are happy to be part of it. People are so surprised when they see our exhibitions the first time," said Team Gloria.

The team trains in the city of Gomel located in the south of Belarus, not far from the Ukrainian border. This Eastern European country is bordered by Russia, Ukraine, Poland, but also Lithuania and Latvia.

Created in 2016, Team Gloria is the only synchro team in Belarus. "There was another synchro team in our sports school before, and now we are continuing this tradition."

The 16 skaters are 11 to 14 years old and are coached by Elena Kostko, Natalia Minchenko, and Alina Baikovskaya.


"We have six days of training in a week, which represents about 6 hours of ice, 4-5 hours of general physical training and 4-5 hours of choreography," explained the team. 

This year, Team Gloria has a new program called "Unstoppable". "It is very dynamic and graceful. Over the past year, everyone has grown, gained skill and is striving for new victories," they said.

For this season, the young team plans to participate in the Russian and Polish synchro competitions. 

Their dream is like everyone else: "We want synchronized skating to become an Olympic sport. Our dream is to be able to take part in this event, representing Belarus."

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