Like the Helsinki Rockettes, have you ever used this accessory for skating?


These black gloves worn by the Helsinki Rockettes have something special. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2021)

The famous senior team from Finland, the Helsinki Rockettes, skate their short program with rubber gloves this year.

It was initially an idea of the head coach, Kaisa Arrateig, said Nona Vihma and Petra Viitanen from Helsinki Rockettes. "The cotton gloves were too slippery for holds."

These black rubber gloves can be used several times and give a better grip.

"We have tried them a few times in our practice. The only problem is that they sweat a lot during the program," continued the skaters. They smiled: "No, we don't use them to tie our laces when we put on our skates!"

These particular gloves are worn for their very feminine short program: "Femme Fatale". 

Helsinki Rockettes' rubber gloves, before and after their performance!

The Helsinki Rockettes will wear these gloves tomorrow at the first Finnish national qualifications.

Along with the other ISU teams, the team will skate their short program on Saturday, and their brand new free program on Sunday. The Rockettes announced a few days ago the theme of their free skate: "Digital Twin". 

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