Two senior teams competed this weekend in Berlin


Team Phoenix from Belgium, skating on the Berlin ice. (Credits: Mario Huth - 2021)

Team Phoenix from Belgium travelled to Germany this weekend to participate in its first competition of the season. With 127.92 points in total, the Senior skaters finished second behind Team Berlin 1.


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"We enjoyed the weather, we did some sightseeing, and we had a lot of fun during the competition. This brought us closer together as a team!" said the Senior Team Phoenix on the way home Sunday. 

This weekend, the Belgians participated in their first international competition of the season by participating in the "Grosser Berliner Bär" in Germany. All team members were vaccinated, which made travelling a little bit easier for the team. "Besides wearing a mask and trying to stay safe, it finally felt like a normal competition again."

Two new programs
In the short program, Team Phoenix performs the story of a wolf pack. "Within the pack, there is always a leader, the Alpha. During the skate, the Alpha loses strength and they all fight to become the new one," explained the team.

The free program is inspired by the comedy film Ocean's 8. "We've created our own Ocean's 19. The 19 of us are trying to steal a diamond. In the program, we portray the storyline of our heist: first, we gather the team, and together we make a plan. Then we look for the perfect location to steal the diamond: a glamourous party. Eventually, it's showtime, and we successfully accomplish our mission," said Team Phoenix.

Skaters from Team Phoenix from Belgium enjoyed their trip to Berlin. 

The short program is more powerful than the free skate. "The goal is to show that there is an Alpha inside every one of us. Whereas for the free program, we focus on teamwork and having fun with a mischievous smile."

"Excited to skate together again"
"The beginning of summer was complicated because we couldn't skate together for so long. Since September, our training program has been back to normal, and we made good progress during the last two months," explained the team, who has a slightly different coaching staff this year.

Anyway, since the start of the season, Team Phoenix has been in good shape! "We have 18 girls and one boy. We have nine new skaters in the team since our last performance in Sheffield at the Steel City Trophy in 2020," continued the team. 

Team Phoenix: "We enjoyed the audience and the feeling of being back to business."

The season promises to be a busy one for the team. Team Phoenix's next competition will be the Santa Claus Cup in the Czech Republic. In 2022, the team will attend Spring Cup in Milan, Italy, and Steel City Trophy in Sheffield, England. At the end of the season, the Senior team hopes to go to the Worlds in Hamilton, Canada.

"We are very excited to skate together again after a year of closed ice rinks. We are also very proud of our new skaters, and we feel confident for the rest of the season. In Berlin, we received some valuable feedback that gives us the motivation to keep working hard this season," said the Belgian skaters. 

Team Berlin 1 also skated in Berlin this weekend!
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Results - TOP 3

Grosser Berliner Bär 2021
Berlin (GER)
OCT 29, 2021 - OCT 31, 2021

TEAM Score
1Team Berlin 1 (GER)195.23
2Team Phoenix (BEL)127.92