What a great feeling to feel the thrill of competition again


The Helsinki Rockettes were back on the ice on Saturday evening. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2021)

After a long year without any events, the synchronized skating season was launched on Saturday night in Finland. A long-awaited and high-level kick-off!

To hear the competition's sounds and the applause again...

To see the public (partially masked, of course) reinstall their polar blanket when the officials were announced...

And then to see the skaters entering the ice, after almost a year and a half of break, presenting a new program with new costumes...

How good it feels!!

Oh yes, colour!
For Team Paradise, which opened the event, the trip was worth it. As the only foreign team in the competition, the Russian team did not disappoint the fans with a victorious comeback. The skaters from St. Petersburg immediately put some colour in this new season with flashy yellow and green dresses! 

Colour also for the next team, the Helsinki Rockettes, who played the seductress in elegant red dresses. With long hair and high charisma, there is no doubt that the season is also looking good for this team led by Kaisa Arrateig, who was smiling at the ice edge.

Marigold IceUnity skating at Finlandia Trophy last weekend. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2021)

Like us, Kaisa seemed so happy to get back to the thrill of competition finally. 

Anu Oksanen, the main coach of the Marigold IceUnity, also shared the same emotion. Hidden behind her beautiful mask (blue like her team's dresses), Anu was also a pleasure to see again on the Kiss&Cry after her team's program.

We didn't only miss the faces of the coaches. Those of the athletes too! 

If, of course, we recognized some well-known faces, new skaters gave the teams a new freshness and the pleasant feeling to say that everything is possible. Team Unique is a good example. This time, its energy and power have been able to transport the public in a very soft and emotional atmosphere.

We did it!
Starting up again synchro competitions after such a long break (forced by the pandemic) is never easy. Especially since in Finland, a new team was taking its first steps in the Senior category.

Dream Edges made its debut in the international synchro world on Saturday evening. And even if the tension was palpable, the skaters succeeded in the challenge with a totally crazy short program full of creative elements and features. We obviously recognize the touch of their talented coach Siiri Eskelinen.

Dream Edges Senior finished their program like this, sitting on the board! (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2021)

But Lumineers, which is making a strong comeback and a new coaching staff. The team has proven once again its great energy and hard work during the pandemic.

A new season is starting. After these difficult months away from our sport, everything seems to be going strong again. We did it! Let's hope it continues!