Team Paradise (RUS) returned to the top of the podium!


Team Paradise (RUS) claimed the gold medal, their first victory finish since the pandemic. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2021)

The synchronized skating audience of Metro-Areena in Espoo, Finland, received a wonderful reward for their patience as six skilled teams presented their stunning short programs after a long break. This time, the best team was Team Paradise, from Russia, which opened this season’s winning scores with 75.39 points.

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Team Paradise from St. Petersburg, Russia, had not given any hint about its theme before the competition. But unlike previous seasons, this time more rhythmic music was chosen. The team performed a flamenco-style "Bamboleo" to the music of the Gipsy Kings. Whatever the theme or the music, the technical skills of this team are always of the highest level. Team Paradise won the gold medal with a technical score of 40.19, and 75.39 points overall.

Adapted to the very feminine style of the team, the short program of the Helsinki Rockettes (FIN), "Femme Fatale", was presented for the first time. The performance convinced the jury who awarded the team 70.38 points and the second place. The skaters skated beautifully in red and black dresses and made no mistakes.

The Helsinki Rockettes in their new dresses. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2021)

Team Unique (FIN), well known for their powerful skating style, skated their new emotional short program "Merci". With a lot of passion and good technique, the team won a total of 69.47 points. Team Unique finished in third place, less than a point behind the silver medalist.

Marigold IceUnity (FIN) found last season's short program, "Nordic Spirit", so inspiring that they decided to keep it again this season. Skating in dresses that fit the theme perfectly, the team earned 63.08 points and 4th place. Unfortunately, there was a fall in the intersection.

Team Unique is skating this season in a very nice pink-purple shade. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2021)

The team Lumineers (FIN) presented their "Dance Macabre" program in dark purple dresses. The performance created a real atmosphere in the arena and clearly has a lot of potential for the upcoming season. The Lumineers earned 57.40 points and 5th place.

Dream Edges Senior, the brand new senior team from Finland, made their long-awaited debut; they are not yet among the top teams but presented a fresh and courageous performance with young skaters. The short program "Prodigy" included a rhythmic and interesting choreography. The team obtained 50.95 points and 6th place.

As strict COVID-19 restrictions are receding in Finland, ticket sales for the event could certainly have been increased before the competition.

Nevertheless, there were plenty of spectators in the arena, and especially a lot of noise and shouting; the audience really seemed to enjoy the competition. It was also a pleasure to see the three medal-winning teams return to the ice at the end for the victory ceremony.

Results - TOP 3

Finlandia Trophy 2021
Espoo (FIN)
OCT 08, 2021 - OCT 10, 2021

TEAM Score
1Team Paradise (RUS)75.39
2Helsinki Rockettes (FIN)70.38
3Team Unique (FIN)69.47