Team Unique (FIN) will skate to "Merci" and "A Star is Born"


(Credits: Northern Action - 2021)

"Bradley and Gaga ;)" for the free skate and a short program in French called "Merci". The Senior Team Unique from Helsinki, Finland, unveiled their programs' themes for the upcoming season.

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In great shape and with good training conditions, Team Unique has started this season like a normal one.

"From the beginning of the season, it has felt like pretty much everything is back to normal here, so we have practiced without any major complications or breaks," the team said, after enjoying a relaxing summer holiday.

New programs
"Our short program is called “Merci,” and it is a story about despair, a journey you go through in your mind, and you just want to tell it and say it out loud. You want that someone listens to your story. You want to escape from a world where you don’t feel at home, but at the same time, the hope never fades, and you continuously desire to find your place."

"The song we skate to is Loïc Nottet – Mr/Mme and it truly is a very artistic story that leaves room for the audience to make personal interpretations," continued the team.

This year, Team Unique's free program will be "A Star is Born", so "Bradley and Gaga ;)" said the team.

A new ice rink and new teammates
Team Unique has 22 athletes this season, and six of them are skating their first season with the team.

"When there are new skaters, most of the very important things are new. Building new ways to work together, getting to know each other, finding the best things we can learn from the new skaters, etc. The team dynamic is new each season, so yeah, we feel like it’s a completely new season even though the basic things always stay the same. And, we also have a brand-new rink here in Helsinki where we get to practice twice a week ;)"

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A new season, finally
Competing at Finlandia Trophy on Saturday evening sounds exciting for the team: "We can’t wait to see a rink full of people!"

"It just feels like finally, we can do our thing again! It’s also pretty cool that all the best figure skaters from all around the world are coming to Finland to kick off their Olympic season!" said Team Unique.

For Team Unique, as for many synchro skaters worldwide, last season did not feel like a real season in many ways. "We got to continue practicing, but when you know there’s not going to be any proper competitions, it just doesn’t feel right. Of course, you can always learn something, and mentally our team learned a lot of new things for sure. Also, we are truly happy we didn’t have to do as much virtual training as many other teams and got to spend time together at the rink. That we are grateful for!"

This season, the team will participate in the following events: French Cup, Spring Cup and Marie Lundmark Trophy.

Results - TOP 3

Finlandia Trophy 2021
Espoo (FIN)
OCT 08, 2021 - OCT 10, 2021

TEAM Score
1Team Paradise (RUS)75.39
2Helsinki Rockettes (FIN)70.38
3Team Unique (FIN)69.47