2015 Boston Synchronized Skating Classic: an awesome U.S. competition


More than 80 teams, registered in 15 categories, present their work at the 2015 Boston Synchronized Skating Classic. This traditional event hosted by the Team Excel and The Skating Club of Boston took place at the New England Sports Center in Marlborough, MA. The competition fielded levels from Beginner through Masters. Teams came from all over the American East Coast.

The most larger fields

The Boston Classic is becoming bigger every years. This season, the Open Juvenile competition feature 11 teams, Pre-Juvenile and Intermediate are the largest divisions with a total of 13 teams in both categories. The 2015 Boston Synchronized Skating Classic is also part of the Eastern Synchronized Skating Challenge Series.

Skyliners Intermediate won the gold medal in Boston. /Credits : Skyliners, 2015

Junior and Senior, 4 powerful teams

In the Junior category, two teams compete in Boston this year. The Lexettes won the competition with a total of 84,09 points in the free skating. The Synchroettes placed 2nd after the free skate (65,44 points), but the team was placed 1st after the short with a total of 34,42 points.

The Lexettes from Lexington (2015 U.S. National Silver Medalists) and Synchroettes were both qualified for the national championships. The Lexettes won the silver medal and participated at the Junior World Championships in Zagreb, Croatia. Synchroettes (West Orange, New Jersey) placed 10th at the Nationals last season.

As last year in Senior, the local formation Team Excel hosts the synchronized skating stars the Haydenettes from Lexington, who are 23 times National US Champions. In Boston, Haydenettes earned 58,96 with the short and 119,03 with the free program and won the competition. The team presented a beautiful free program on a « Street Beats » medley.

Team Excel is second with 31 points for the short and 65,44 with their free program. A good start for this local team who also participated at the 2015 U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships in Providence, Rhode Island.

Haydenettes are the Senior champion 2015. /Credits : Haydenettes

Results - TOP 3

Boston Synchronized Skating Classic 2015
Marlborough (USA)
NOV 20, 2015 - NOV 21, 2015

TEAM Score
1Skyliners (USA)53.26
2Team Ashburn (USA)52.92
3Star Mates (USA)52.13

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Ice Mates (USA)64.33
2Team Ashburn (USA)57.09
3Skyliners Blue (USA)53.14

TEAM Score
1Lexettes (USA)116.74
2Synchroettes (USA)97.08

TEAM Score
1Haydenettes (USA)177.99
2Team Excel (USA)96.44