The very first clues about the new programs


Finnish teams often unveil their themes before other countries. (Credits: Ru-Pho)

Several senior teams have started to unveil their program themes for the upcoming season. One month away from their first competition, Finnish teams have been the most communicative.

One month, practically to the day, before the Finlandia Trophy 2021, which will take place from 8 to 10 October in Espoo.

This competition, held in Finland, marks the start of the international season for the senior teams every year.

Therefore, it is natural that the teams began to unveil the themes of their programs for the coming season. An exciting moment for the fans! 

A step ahead in Finland
In recent days, Helsinki Rockettes' fans have learned, for example, that their favourite team will be skating a "Femme Fatale" short program. Just back from training camp, this Finnish team will show this season a performance full of "love and seduction".

Team Unique also unveiled recently the theme of its new short program: "Merci". A title, also in French, for a performance that promises to be very intense.

For Marigold IceUnity, nothing has yet been unveiled. On their side, Lumineers have indicated that they would skate to the theme "Danse Macabre", a dance of death for the short program.

The new Dream Edges Senior team promises a "high-tempo short program" called "Prodigy". For the free skate, "Romance" will tell a love story between two women.

How will Anu Oksanen and her Marigold IceUnity team surprise synchro fans this year? (Credits: Ice Galaxy - 2019)

Elsewhere than in Finland, tension is rising among fans who are checking social media more and more regularly to find out more about the upcoming season.

The Haydenettes in the United States have yet released no clue, and nothing from the Canadian senior teams either.

In Europe too, the clues and revelations are long overdue. Fans are also expecting a lot from the new Team Inspire from Sweden, which should give some information soon. The French senior team Zoulous is one of the few started to provide the first clues.

With the first synchro event just a month away, little information has been released about the new programs, and fans are anxiously awaiting to see the big teams in action after long months of Covid crises and a complicated season last year. 

However, it is not impossible that, in the interest of simplification, some teams, even at the senior level, take an existing program and make improvements on it. 

The synchro season is just around the corner, and everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that it will run as "normal" as possible.