This team is brand new and is already famous on social networks


Team DIN was found in June 2020. "Since then, we are inseparable," says the team.

Some of their videos posted on Instagram have more than 6,000 likes. "It's just for fun," says the DIN team, a brand new synchro team created in Germany during the pandemic.

You may have seen some of their posts full of humor and positivism on Instagram.

These creative videos come from the Team DIN, a new team founded in June 2020 in Germany, in Dinslaken in North Rhine-Westphalia, in the west of the country.

"Our mascot is Ingo the flamingo. That’s a fun story to talk about, but that would probably be too long for this article," says the skaters who want to show the world their happiness and passion for synchro.

Team DIN's main coach is Sabrina. "She is the best coach you could ever imagine. Friendly and helpful, but also very strict. She was a synchro skater herself. Now she loves to share her passion with us. Inspiring the team with her big knowledge and love for the sport," explains the team.

This new team also has a co-coach, Alex. "He is very funny but also as strict as Sabrina. He would never fail to see a mistake. And because all good things come in three, we have our fitness coach Barbara. Also very funny and kind, except during her hard fitness training. She is always torturing us with new exercises, but we love her for doing so."

DIN is a short form of their hometown Dinslaken. "We are in love with our city and would like to represent it in competitions."

But the pandemic has complicated things a bit. "Our team was quite new when we had the first lockdown in Germany. We didn’t have much time on the ice. During the lockdowns, we managed to train and improve our fitness with online sessions. We love to train together no matter if it is off or on the ice."

"You have to take a test before every training session"
Since the end of May, the Team DIN is back on the ice. "We are supposed to wear masks in the rink but can take them off on the ice. There are special paths in our rink, so no teams can meet and possibly infect the others. If you don’t have your vaccination yet, you have to take a test before every training session," explains the team, which is currently composed of twelve skaters. 

"The pandemic taught us that nothing could ever separate our team. There is such a strong bond between us. We would do everything for each team member and the coaches. Every one of us is just thankful that we are all healthy and back together," the team continues.

"We will compete when our coaches think that we are ready for it"
For the moment, the team is working on the basics, skating skills and lifts. One of their goals for the upcoming season would be to participate in their first competition, probably in the Mixed Age category.

"But because of being together just for a year and all the lockdowns, we will compete when our coaches think that we are ready for it. We also have an arrangement with our local ice hockey team that we will support them during games and do shows during the breaks," they say.

While waiting to see the Team DIN compete on the ice at a competition, it is on social networks that these energetic skaters are making their mark. "This is just for fun. We are all in love with this team and just want to spread love and kindness during these difficult times."

On Instagram, their videos send good vibes during this particular time in the sport. Some of their posts got over 6,000 likes. "We never thought that so many people would recognize us in that short amount of time. Maybe it's not a big number of followers for everyone, but we are overwhelmed by the love and the support we are getting on social media."