Very young skaters to create new momentum


Adorable children sprung into action as a group! (Credits: Roy Ng - 2021)

Three groups of skaters participated in the 10th Shenzhen Games skating event. Read more to know what the groups did to impress spectators.


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The 10th Shenzhen Games were originally scheduled for 2020, but, just like the Tokyo Olympic 2020, the Games were postponed for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Games engaged Shenzhen citizens in different sports. Skating events were held on 24 July 2021 in a main shopping mall skating rink. Single, pair and group events were held.

Although group skating was only a minor part of the Games, and it was conducted in performance format rather than as a formal competition, three groups took part in the U8 category (those who are aged approximately 8 years old).

The first group to perform dressed in mouse and cat costumes. Their skating was simple and focused on storytelling through elaborated acts. Two skaters dressed as mice and were chased by a cat, the third skater, who was later overpowered by the cheeky mice.  Their dramatic facial expressions enriched the delivery of their theme.

Tom and Jerry...on skates! (Credits: Roy Ng - 2021)

The second group consisted of five skaters who individually dressed in different colours of the same style. They were head and shoulders above the other two groups in delivering more sophisticated choreography. Skaters displayed better control and unison. They were certainly the group of the day to demonstrate elementary synchro elements and illustrate what connectedness among skaters means.

In sync and impressive! (Credits: Roy Ng - 2021)

The last group had three skaters. They skated to the animation theme song “Let It Go”. Skaters executed a variety of basic moves in the field in succession to the phasing of the music.

Entry into Waltz jump (Credits: Roy Ng - 2021)

At the end of the day, the group skating event expanded Chinese spectators’ horizons by showing them that skating can involve more than two skaters and the addition of athletes can lead to more elaborated choreography.

The audience who just watched the pair skating event a moment before could tell why it is the more the merrier. Maybe more will become interested in enrolling into a synchro team.

As a fan of synchro who missed attending international competitions for so long, it felt like coming back home to watch these little teams skating on ice.