Five Canadian teams you have to know this season

Today we offer you a travel to Canada. This trip will take you through five of the largest Canadian synchronized skating clubs and teams. These talented teams will definitely not be long in making a name for themselves these season in the international competitions. The Canadian adventure begins here! 


We don’t present them anymore. Nexxice Senior is the first Canadian team to be crowned the title of World Champions in 2009 and again a few months ago, in April 2015. Nexxice Senior but also Junior, Open, Intermediate, Novice, Juvenile and Beginner skate in Burlington, Ontario.

Nexxice Senior & Junior /Credits : Nexxice, 2015

Les Suprêmes

Based in St-Léonard near Montréal, six teams are growing up year after year. Last season, the Senior team represented Canada at the Worlds and finished at the 6th place. Les Suprêmes has also a talented Junior team who won the bronze medal at the 2015 Worlds in Croatia.


Mid-town Toronto, a few synchro teams are earning a respectable place in the world of synchronized skating. Their name: Meraki, that means doing something with soul, creativity or love. Last season, 80 skaters took part in the synchro programs. The Senior team had their first season together in 2014-2015 and won the bronze medal at the Canadian championships in 2015. Meraki, a promising word to remember.

Meraki Senior & Junior /Credits : Meraki, 2015

Edge Synchro Teams

Another important group of synchronized skating teams is the Edge Synchro from Oakville, a town located in Southern Ontario, between Toronto and Hamilton. Edge Synchro field levels from Beginner through Adult.

Les Pirouettes

Here are french-speaking teams from Laval, Québec. Juvenile, Novice, Elementary and Junior… Les Pirouettes seem to have the right recipe since a few years: always original programs and costumes. We look forward to seeing their work for this new season!

Location /Credits : Google map

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