Will next season mark the return of international competitions?


After the Covid crisis, many synchro skaters are dreaming of competing abroad again. (Credits: Ru-Pho - 2020)

Synchronized skating competitions' announcements are flourishing on social media. International events' organizers seem to be confident for the 2021-22 season.

The synchronized skating upcoming season is preparing. After the Challenger Series stages announcement, several international events have also booked a date in the calendar.

Like every year, the international season will start in early October in Finland. Even if several competitions are announced at the end of 2021, but synchronized skating could find its usual events calendar in early 2022. After more than a year of Covid restrictions, this would be a wonderful gift for the sport.

Countries like Poland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Great Britain, Austria, Italy or even Sweden have recently announced international competitions. New events will also emerge for the discipline next year.

However, the upcoming season is not yet guaranteed, despite the relaxation of measures in several nations and the arrival of vaccines. The differences remain significant between the countries and it is still difficult, at the moment, to put forward any certainties for next winter.

Nevertheless, the lights are green, and the organizers' announcements are a balm to teams and synchro fans around the world. Several are already training hard for the upcoming season.

(Credits: Ru-Pho - 2020)

Cancellation of the ISU seminar in Frankfurt
A few days ago, the International Skating Union announced the cancellation of the Global Seminar dedicated to officials like technical specialists and controllers. "The uncertainties of travel, quarantine requirements, testing, to name a few have proven to be very difficult to offer an equal opportunity for candidates to attend," explained the ISU. 

The event was planned to take place in person on August 22-29, 2021, in Germany. Online Seminars (for judges and referees) will be organized according to the ISU.