Porter Classic 2015 - 160 teams, an incredible competition


20th annual Dr. Richard Porter Classic is one of the largest competitions of the season in the U.S. This competition takes place this weekend (4 - 6, Dec 2015) at Ann Arbor, a city in the state of Michigan. More than 160 teams compete during 3 days.

In the Novice division, Crystallettes won the competition on Saturday afternoon. These skaters already did a good performance a few days ago in the last Kalamazoo Kick-Off 2015. Crystallettes are followed by the 2014 Porter Classic Novice's winner: Skyliners, representing the Skating Club of New York and Springdale Figure Skating Club. The Chicago Jazz team took the 3rd place.

Skyliners also did well in the Junior event and finished 1st. This team already won the competition last year. The podium is completed by Chicago Jazz and Fond du Lac Blades from central Wisconsin.

The Senior field also took place on Friday and Saturday. Miami University confirmed his first place and won the competition. Second place: Crystallettes Senior who presented a clean program. Skyliners finished 3rd (there were 2nd last year). It should be noted the good programs of Merging Edge. This team from Mexico participated at the Porter Classic for the first time.


Results - TOP 3

Dr. Porter Classic 2015
Ann Arbor (USA)
DEC 05, 2015 - DEC 06, 2015

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Crystallettes (USA)70.83
2Starlights (USA)65.10
3Chicago Jazz (USA)62.77

TEAM Score
1Miami University (USA)174.00
2Crystallettes (USA)153.06
3Skyliners (USA)139.54

TEAM Score
1Skyliners (USA)153.88
2Chicago Jazz (USA)144.10
3Fond du Lac Blades (USA)139.20