Experience, a journey and projects... A synchro life!


Madina Asrorova is 24 years old and lives in Kazan, Russia. (Credits: Markus Banholzer)

After spending a few years in Canada, Madina Asrorova pursues her dreams at home in Russia. The synchro skater is part of one of the best teams in the country, Team Tatarstan, which intends to dethrone Team Paradise next winter at the Nationals.

Madina Asrorova has been skating for 18 years and is a synchro skater for 11 years. She's skated in six teams at different levels: Novice (Ariada, Kazanochka), Junior (Idel from Russia and Nexxice Jr from Canada) and Senior (Nexxice Sr from Canada and Tatarstan from Russia). She is currently in her 4th season with Team Tatarstan!

Madina is one of those international skaters who went abroad to skate with a synchro team. She chose Nexxice in Canada.

A Russian skater in Canada
"I would definitely say it was a great time. I really enjoyed every second of it! Of course, at first, that was kind of difficult because everything was completely different as I’ve used to have back home: time difference, food, practice structure, skating style, language, lifestyle and of course people," she says.

This idea of going abroad started at the junior level: "I was always curious about what other teams have got in store, so I loved to watch some of them… I saw Nexxice on the ice, and I fell in love with their skating style! It was so flawless, effortless and very esthetic… It almost seemed the team was skating above the ice!"

Also, as Madina et her team were watching Senior Worlds, her former coach said: "Nexxice is the only team which does not look tired after skate! Their feet so neat! Skaters make their performance so light and effortless!” Madina got extremely inspired by their style, and she decided that she wants to skate the same way, "so I tried out for the team and got accepted!"

Madina wants to develop synchro skating on local, national or and international levels. 

When asked what the biggest differences between life as a synchro skater in Russia and Canada were, Madina answers: "almost everything!"

The whole process was very different for her. "For instance, in Russia, we were practicing 6 days a week 2h on ice and 1,5h off ice every day was different (ballet, dancing, working on program’s choreography, fitness, stretching, running and lifting) on the weekend its always double practice! In Canada, we had 4 days of practice a week, around 3h on ice and maybe a couple off ice (yoga, fitness, sometimes dancing). We didn’t do much off the ice with the team; everyone has to control their own body to stay fit." 

The skating style was also radically different. "In Russia, we are used to skate sharper on long edges with not so much knee action and with a lot of choreography and body movements… In Canada, it's totally the opposite: short and quick edges and a lot of knee band that makes it seems so light."

Another thing that surprised her when she arrived in Canada was the practices' locations. "At home, we were practicing at the same ice rink all the time; we could leave our stuff in the team dressing room, and the practice schedule wasn’t changing. In Canada, we skated where the team could get the ice… and the time was always different. That fact was a bit inconvenient," she remembers.

Madina Asrorova skating with Nexxice Senior. 

Alongside her athletic life, Madina studied at Sheridan College and had the opportunity to work in a jewellery company. "I’ve been enrolled in Business Administration Marketing program during two years. It was so much fun! We have done great projects and assignments that helped us to think out of the box, to brainstorm and to understand the whole concepts of business," she explains.

Canada gave her such incredible experiences, new friends and opportunities. "I’ve met such great people on my way, who were always ready to help me! I have only warm memories about that period of my life; it was cool."

New goals with Team Tatarstan
Russia was one of few countries that let synchro teams practicing and competing during the season. Madina and her team had the opportunity to participate in many national competitions.

Even though she was able to skate, the past season was hard for her and Team Tatarstan. "We didn’t know what to expect. The situation affected the season a lot as some skaters quit because of the financial side, some of them did not have the motivation or found something else to do, so we needed to take more athletes from other teams."

"Mentally it was super hard too as we prepared two totally new programs and extremely wanted to show them at national and international competitions, but we never knew for sure if we could compete because before each competition the whole team had to pass the COVID-19 test."

Russia now has several highly qualified and top-level synchro teams. According to Madina, what sets Team Tatarstan apart from other teams is the choice of music. "Every season, we are trying to take something interesting that wasn’t used before and to show different styles. Also, we are using a lot of creative tricks and lifts, which are performed at a great speed." 

Madina also thinks that having many top teams in a country is an excellent opportunity for synchro to grow and hopefully get to the Olympics. "We all push each other to be better as every team wants to be on top of the podium. For the upcoming season, our goal is to get the gold medal at National. This winter, we were extremely close! And of course, to make it to the podium at Worlds!" she enthuses.

Team Tatarstan is creating two new programs for the upcoming season.

Team Tatarstan will create two new programs for the upcoming season, and the choreography has already started.

For the upcoming season, Madina has no idea if they will be able to compete internationally. "I really really hope so! Miss the whole process of competing internationally! It is always exciting!"

Of course, this top synchro athlete stays positive for the future. "Everything happens for a reason…I wish everyone stay healthy and united. The rest will come. Hope to see you all at international competitions! Good luck for the next season!"

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