Swedish teams skated at the 2015 Nacka Trophy


Sweden couldn’t take his eyes off Älta this weekend. This city, situated near Stockholm, hosted the 2015 Nacka Trophy. This national competition is important for the next Worlds synchronized skating qualifications.


Six teams competed in the Novice field this year. Team Karisma from Gothenburg did the best and won the competition. Team Together took the 2nd place, followed by Team Harmony.

The Junior division gathered 4 teams from the whole country. In this category, Team Spirit from Kungsbacka - a city located not far from Gothenburg - finished 1st. At the second place: the famous Team Convivium. Team Nova arrived 3rd.

Team Boomerang was the only team to compete in the Senior field. Team Surprise was this weekend in Austria to a training camp.

Beginners and Mixed also skated in Älta. Discover their results here!

Results - TOP 3

Nacka Trophy 2015
Älta (SWE)
DEC 05, 2015 - DEC 06, 2015

Novice A
TEAM Score
1Team Karisma (SWE)44.87
2Team Together (SWE)40.58
3Team Harmony (SWE)39.05

TEAM Score
1Team Spirit (SWE)144.99
2Team Convivium (SWE)124.04
3Team Nova (SWE)111.61

TEAM Score
1Team Boomerang (SWE)161.97