Synchro: Give us back our sport [EDITORIAL]


"Winter" by Starlight Junior team from Switzerland. (Credits: Ru-Pho - 2020)

We all miss synchronized skating. Here is the editorial by Amélie De Tomi, editor-in-chief of Jura Synchro.

Who would have ever believed this?

Who would have ever thought that one day, the synchro community would arrive here, in mid-March without having felt the warmth of the cheers of the supporters in the stands, without having broken down in tears after a perfectly skated program, or feeling the pride of hearing our scores announced as we hug each other in a Kiss & Cry.  

Who would have thought we would go the entire year without having recharged our batteries, and really our souls, with the incredible and unmatched energy that emanates from synchro competitions.

Passion for synchro by Lexettes - USA. (Credits: Ru-Pho - 2020)

And yet, here we are. Soon at the beginning of spring, and nothing. International competitions have been cancelled throughout the season, leaving each of us with an empty heart!

The sunny days are back, and something is definitely missing. It's like we haven't had winter, like we've been deprived of what makes us feel most complete. The sound of the blades on the ice, the smell of ice rinks, the shared excitement of the great days, the light in the eyes of friends, teammates and fans.

But, we will get back our sport again. Let’s be sure.

The only question is when...As soon as this damn virus will leave us alone. Hopefully, next season will be a REAL one. Today, even if we have to wear masks and monitor our temperatures, I believe we are ready to do everything to have our passion back, to feel our love for synchronized skating.

Let’s hang on for a while longer, together. Let’s get ready, because as soon as we can meet again and experience competitions, I can assure you that the moment will be outstanding and the emotions well… very, very strong!

Checking: Catherine Ruta

Team Seaside - SWE (Credits: Ru-Pho - 2020)

We received this very beautiful poem written by a "Synchro Dad" from Canada. Maybe you are going through the same emotions.

I miss…
I miss the time when the world was free. This is truly a crazy time in history. My isolation, a result of something small that has brought disease and pestilence to us all. 

I miss the sport I love; that graceful dance on ice, but most of all, I miss the people. I miss the people from all over the world that have come together to the rink to watch the sixteen move in perfect sync. I miss the early mornings, the smell of the ice the arena, the coffee and everything, that at the time, seemed like disorder but looking back it was all precise. 

I miss the hours of practice, the blood the sweat and the tears, the injuries and all our fears. I miss the anticipation on competition day, will we qualify, will our team fall, will we be beset with heart break? These are the fears. 

I miss the chanting, the cheering and the comradery. Looking into the stands to see, a technicolour picture of world flags waving and flowing free. This is all I can see. I miss waving my country’s flag and chanting our team’s cheer, clapping and screaming for all to hear. 

I miss that moment of pride when the team takes the ice, everyone up off their seats to watch. I miss the beautiful outfits that complement the music, the program the electricity in the air. I miss that moment just before the music starts; that moment when I start to hold my breath. The anticipation, too much to bear. I miss watching the strength and athleticism of the skaters, the flow, the speed the harmony. I wonder, yes I wonder and must ask aloud when will we all again be free?

by Robert Toso