Synchro skating world lost a legend


Coming back from a trip to North America, Edith Ballester brought synchronized skating to France. (Credits: Ru-Pho - 2020)

One of synchro's most respected women, legendary Edith Ballester, has died at the age of 84. As a technical executive of the French federation, she had developed synchronized skating a lot.


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"I remember my first competition in Helsinki! In this huge ice rink, there were 70 teams! There was an incredible atmosphere and energy!"

Here is what Edith Ballester told us in an interview two years ago.

Edith Ballester

If today, France has many synchronized skating teams, it is above to her. 

Interested in new skating disciplines, Edith Ballester introduced synchronized skating in France in 1990. At the time our discipline was called "precision skating".

Highly involved in the French skating federation, this talented woman helped clubs that wanted to develop synchronized skating from 1990 until her retirement in 2001.

Edith Ballester passed away this week at the age of 84. She left a wonderful tradition for synchro in France.

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