Synchro Promotion

Have you already registered for this new virtual competition?


The organizing committee based in Sweden wants to get the word out about this opportunity for teams to compete.

A new virtual event is coming up for synchro teams from around the world. Athletes can participate with one program, two programs, or just by showing individual elements. Learn more about the 2021 Nacka Synchro Skate digital event!

"Last fall, given the situation with the coronavirus around the world, we could tell that things weren’t going to be as usual this season. We started discussing within our club what we could do to create events and milestones (like a normal season has) for our skaters to strive for," starts Jamie Hull, one of the many coaches of Nacka Teamåkningsklubb.
Many yes, because the club has "a ton of coaches from all over the world" she explains, and they all work together in one of the biggest figure skating clubs in Sweden. Jamie Hull is originally from the Boston, Massachusetts area of the US, but moved to Sweden eight years ago. 

Nacka TK's synchro teams during the 2019-2020 season.

The Nacka Trophy has existed since 2010! "Some years, the event has been used as a synchronized skating qualifier for nationals, some years it’s included ice dance and solo dance, and our annual event even got to turn into Swedish nationals in 2019. Regardless of its style each season, it’s always a blast to hold a huge event in one of our home rinks in Nacka and we’re very lucky to not only have a big club capable of managing such an event, but also many incredible parents who volunteer and work so hard to pull it all off," continues Jamie.

Their skating club in Nacka has 7 synchro teams at the moment: Team Comets – Beginner, Team Cosmos – Competitive Beginner, Team Coral – Mixed Age (younger), Team Crystal – Basic Novice, Team Caprice – Advanced Novice, Team Moonlights – Junior and Team Comeback – Mixed Age (older).

If you're interested in reading more about the club, check out this page!

The virtual competition
The 2021 Nacka Synchro Skate digital event is open to synchro teams of all levels and sizes, who may have had an okay season or a very hard one, but who would like to participate in an event with other teams.

"We want the teams to be able to show the hard work they’ve put in this season, as well as get feedback from officials that they otherwise may be lacking during 2020-2021. Teams can skate one program, two programs, or individual elements from within their program," explains Jamie, representing the club’s competition committee.

What should teams have to do to participate? 

"Teams need to register for the event via our online form and then submit their PPC, team photo and program video (all available here). In our club, inclusivity is our main goal and this extends to our events as well. If there’s a team that would like to participate but maybe has too few skaters, or a program that doesn’t quite match a level, or any other combination of issues, we encourage them to reach out to us so that we can find a solution. Everyone should be able to partake!"

What are the deadlines? 

February 15 – Registration deadline
February 22 – PPC & team photo deadline
March 1 – Payment & video submission deadline


Are there registration fees for teams? 

"Yes, for a team skating one program, the cost is 1500 SEK (~148 EUR). For a team skating two programs, 1750 SEK. For a team competing in the Best Of Elements event, it’s 500 SEK (~50 EUR) per element."

About the video sending, what do teams need to know? 

"Don’t stress, turn the lights up in the rink, remove or stand back from the hockey nets, and try to get most of the team in the picture the majority of the time. We’ve written up a document full of all our filming guidelines, and it’s available here:

Will the competition be streamed for teams and fans? 

"Yes! Our event will be broadcast on our Vimeo account during the weekend of March 20-21, 2021. The livestream will be free and available to everyone."

Will scores be given to teams? 

"Yes, scores will be given and individual protocols sent directly to each team. No placements will be awarded."

"As a coach, seeing the pride that radiates from our skaters after a great performance, as well as that which exudes from our entire club after having cheered on one of our teams from the bleachers, is something almost impossible to replicate. With this event, we hope to help further this sense of community, enabling us all to safely partake in an event together.

In addition to this, one of the most important aspects of synchro for my skaters has always been taking them to competitions and enabling them to be exposed to other teams from which they can draw inspiration. Giving them an opportunity to not only watch other teams skate from around the world, but be involved in the event, is fantastic," explains Jamie Hull.

2019 Swedish Nationals in Nacka. (Credits: Daniel Klerfors)

To hold this virtual event, the organizing committee got help from the group that ran Porter’s online event. "Embarking on something new and unknown is hard. But overall, we’ve been incredibly relieved by how smoothly things have gone! The help we’ve received from people like Karen Wolanchuk, Larry Ward, Erin Donovan and Ari Morones has been completely invaluable. The input from officials like Anna Nylén who’ve partaken in prior digital events and have helped us to further refine our event to be the best possible experience for all has been fantastic," concludes Jamie.

In addition to synchro, the Nacka club also focuses a lot on ice dance and solo dance. So with this event, all three of these will be featured. Ice dance and solo dancers have an earlier deadline to register (February 9th) but late registration may be possible if anyone is interested and would like to enroll in that event as well.

The broadcast of the 2021 Nacka Synchro Skate will be held on Sunday, March 21st, starting at 17:00 CET (12:00 EST). 

Approximate Broadcast Schedule:

0:00 – Pre-Juvenile & Open Juvenile FS
0:15 – Preliminary FS0:25 – Juvenile FS
0:45 – Basic Novice FS
1:30 – Advanced Novice FS
2:05 – Junior SP
2:30 – Mixed FS
2:45 – Junior FS
3:00 – Senior FS
3:15 – Elements Events

Livestream Link
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