The 2021/22 Challenger Series in Synchronized Skating has been launched!


Last year in mid-February, Team Unique (FIN) won the first Challenger series in Italy. (Credits: Ru-Pho - 2020)

Where will the five stages of the Synchro Challenger Series take place next season? International Skating Union (ISU) launches call for applications from competitions wishing to become a stage of the series.

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Introduced during the 2019/20 season as series of International Synchronized Skating Competitions, the Challenger Series consists of up to five international competitions linked together, giving adequate opportunities for many Junior and Senior teams to compete at the international level and earn World Standing Points.

The series has proven to be "successful and an excellent tool for many teams to get prepared for qualifying and competing in ISU Championships," writes the ISU in a press release.

As announced in 2019, the Challenger Series will consist of five different events:

- 3 Challenger Series events in Europe will be selected between existing international competitions on the ISU calendar

- 1 Challenger Series competition in North America to alternate between Canada and the United States

- 1 Challenger Series Competition in Asia

Considering the cancellation of all synchronized skating challengers series competitions during the 2020/2021 season, preference will be given to the ISU Members who were selected to hold a Challenger Series in 2020/2021, adds the ISU.

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Remember that to be considered for the Challenger Series Synchronized Skating, the event must have a minimum of five entries in the Senior and Junior divisions, from at least four ISU Members.

The organizing committees regularly hosting an international synchronized skating competition in their country and who want to apply for such event scheduled between September 1, 2021, and January 31, 2022, to become a Challenger Series event, must send an application to the ISU Secretariat by March 5, 2021. The application needs to include: a description of the venue, a description of the hotel(s), the structure of the Organizing Committee, the history of the international competition.

The application forms are available on the ISU website. After evaluation of the applications received, the ISU Council will determine up to five Challenger Series competitions for the season 2021/22 giving preference to international competitions having "a certain tradition and continuity". The selected Challenger Series Competitions will be published through an ISU communication.

For the participating teams, the rules don't change: a maximum of two entries per Challenger Series event, except for teams of the organizing ISU Members for whom no limitation applies (e.g. French teams in France). Each synchro team may be entered only into a maximum of two Challenger Series events per season.

Financial support
Each ISU Member, organizing a Challenger Series Competition will receive a contribution of CHF 20’000 (Swiss francs). This contribution will be paid at the end of the competition if all the requirements have all been met. 

The contribution must be used to cover the costs for the Officials honorarium and the expenses for accommodation and travel. Any remaining funds may cover ice costs or other organizational expenses. 

See more details in the ISU communication

Watch below the victory of Team Unique in the first Challenger Series in 2020