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Pascal Denis, coach of Les Suprêmes: "I don't think I realize it yet at 100%"

Les Suprêmes Seniors are the 2022 World Champions in synchronized skating. Representing Canada, the team won its first-ever gold medal. Pascal Denis, one of the team's coaches, talks about this victory.

Senior Worlds: The reaction of the three medal-winning teams!

Les Suprêmes (CAN), Marigold IceUnity (FIN), and Helsinki Rockettes (FIN)! Here are the teams who delivered the best performances during these two days at the Senior World Championships which took place in the city of Hamilton in Ontario (CAN). Reactions and beautiful phtoos... everything is in this article!

Senior Worlds: Gold for Les Suprêmes!

After Friday's competition, which saw the Helsinki Rockettes (FIN) win the short programs, it's time to discover the free programs in these Senior Worlds Synchronized Skating Championships. The event is held in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada) and anything can happen on this second day of competition.

Senior Worlds: Captains' reactions after the short programs

The three leading teams after the short programs received on Friday evening a "small medal" which was followed by an official press conference with the team captains.

Senior Worlds: Finland and Canada are in the lead after the short

The Senior World Championships are (finally) making their comeback after two years of pandemic. This year, the city of Hamilton in Ontario (Canada) is hosting the competition. Follow with us, minute by minute, the unfolding of events during the short program's competition and find out the ranking in real-time.

Senior Worlds: Behind the scenes and training moments

The World Championships 2022 begin on Friday in Hamilton, Canada. Before the competition, we take you behind the scenes of the trainings.

Senior Worlds: here are the participating teams (2/2)

The 2022 World Championships are about to begin in Hamilton, Canada. Twenty-three senior teams from 19 different countries will present their programs this weekend. Get to know these teams before you see them on the ice (Part 2).

Team Inspire (SWE): "We want to show the world who we are"

In a few hours, the whole world will discover Team Inspire, the new Swedish team created after the success of Team Surprise, which skated until 2018. Interview with this young Senior team that will participate in its first world championships this weekend.

Senior Worlds: here are the participating teams (1/2)

The most awaited competition of the season will be held this weekend in Hamilton, Canada! The best senior teams worldwide will compete for a medal at the 2022 World Championships. Learn more about the participating teams (Part 1).

Challenger Series 2022-23: The list is out!

The ISU has published the list of dates and competitions that will be stages of the Challenger Series next season. We tell you everything!

"We have always had synchro teams in South Africa"

The Team In-sync has something special: they train in South Africa, a country where skating is not well known, but where there are some synchro teams. Interview with this Mixed Age team which participated in its first international competition this season in Neuchâtel.

Sweden storms to gold at the International Mixed Age Trophy

The season ended on Saturday afternoon in Basel, northern Switzerland, for the Mixed Age teams. The International Mixed Age Trophy gathered 17 teams from all over Europe. The victory went to Team Infinity from Sweden.