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Mika Saarelainen: "Synchronized skating is ready for the Olympics!"

He is a must in the figure skating world. He will even go to Beijing for the Olympic Games in a few days. The famous international judge Mika Saarelainen confides about synchro, a discipline he really appreciates.

Second stage of the Challenger Series - Day 2: what you have to know

The second day of the Lumière Cup - 2nd stage of the Challenger Series - took place on Saturday in the Netherlands.

A major synchro competition in a country in lockdown

Although the Netherlands are in lockdown, the 5th Lumière Cup started on Friday in Eindhoven. A relief for the organizers who are setting up for the first time a Challenger Series competition.

Pandemic: a few teams cancel their international trip

With the resurgence of the pandemic, this is to be expected. Several of the world's top teams announced this week that they would be withdrawing from upcoming international competitions.

A new competition cancellation

Considered as a highlight of the synchronized skating season, the Leon Lurje Trophy which was to be held at the end of the month in Sweden will not take place.

Mika Saarelainen: "The most fantastic experience comes from an emotional, genuine performance"

He is one of the few judges in the world qualified to judge all figure skating disciplines (Single skating, Pairs, Ice Dance and Synchronized Skating). Mika Saarelainen from Finland has been a judge for 38 years and has progressed as far as possible in this role.

2022, the level is already high

The victory, they wanted it and they got it. After beating Team Paradise a few weeks ago, the senior team Tatarstan from Russia won again at the first stage of the Challenger Series in Poland. Crystal Ice (RUS) and Dream Edges from Finland got the silver and the bronze, ending with tight scores.

Russian teams dominate at the Hevelius Cup, stage of the Challenger Series

Team Crystal Ice Junior won the first stage of the Challenger Series in Poland on Friday night, exceeding 200 points! The competition has also started for the Seniors: Team Tatarstan is in the lead, followed by Crystal Ice Senior and Dream Edges from Finland.

Crystal Ice Junior won the short program event

Thursday evening in Poland, Crystal Ice from Russia finished first in the junior short programs competition. The Finnish team Valley Bay Synchro is, for the moment, 2nd and Teams Elite Junior (USA) 3rd.

The first stage of the Challenger Series is about to start

This may sound crazy to some countries currently back in lockdown, but the first stage of the 2021-22 Challenger Series is well on its way to starting in Gdansk, Poland, Thursday. The American Lexettes team will be among the most serious competitors in the junior event. Interview!

A competition simulation took place on the same day in two neighbouring countries

After the cancellation of the Santa Claus Cup 2021 in Brno, Czech Republic, three coaches teamed up to find a new idea for their teams. Instead of giving up, Angelique Visser, Mireille Mostaert and Agnes Filipowicz let their creativity run wild by creating a simulation competition.

Team Ice on Fire set a new Italian national record

The last Italian competition of 2021 took place a few days before Christmas in Trento, Italy. The Senior Team Ice on Fire won the event with a new record score of more than 180 points.