Junior Worlds 2023: Here Are The Participating Teams! (2/2)


Team Spirit will be one of the Swedish representatives. (Credits: Daniel Klerfors, Figure Skating Pictures - 2023)

The World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships 2023 will be held this weekend in Angers, western France. Get ready for this great event by knowing better the participating teams.

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Junior Worlds 2023
Participating teams - part 1
Team Italy
10th last season (their best result at the Worlds), the Hot Shivers from Sesto San Giovanni near Milan are determined to do even better this year. Coached by Andrea Gilardi, the Italian team finished 5th in several international events this season, the Spring Cup, the Mozart Cup and the Lumiere Cup.

Rank in 2022: 10

Team Japan
Jingu Ice Messengers Junior will represent Japan. Training in Tokyo, the team of Yu Hanamoto and Ken Tanabe will present a short program to "The Incredibles" and a free program to the theme of Pocahontas. This is the first time this team will be skating at the world championships. 

Rank in 2022: -

Team Netherlands
With Angelique Visser as a coach, Team Illuminettes Junior comes from Eindhoven in the Netherlands. For the short program, the team will skate to Yanni's "Reflections of Passion" and David Arnold's "Good Omens" in the free program. Illuminettes finished 8th at the Lumiere Cup.

Rank in 2022: 17

Team Poland
Many synchro fans are now familiar with the city of Gdansk. It is where the Hevelius Cup is held, yes, but it is also where Team Ice Fire Junior trains. They will represent Poland. The team of Agnieszka Filipowicz and Marcin Miedlarz skates 7 hours a week. Their best result is a 9th place won in 2022 and 2020.

Rank in 2022: 9

Team Spain
The Spanish team from Madrid will present two very different programs this season. A samba for the short program and their own version of "Paramour" by Cirque du Soleil. Composed of 20 skaters, Team Mirum is coached by Elvira Matveeva and Judith Martin Tineo. The team's best score at Worlds was in 2017 when they finished 17th.

Rank in 2022: 18

Team Sweden
Sweden has two spots in the Junior Worlds. 

One of them is for Team Seaside coached by Therese Hillberg and Jenny Sandberg. Tjörn's team will skate "Never alone" for the free program and "Expedition Robinson" for the short. In 2020 and 2022, the team finished 8th at the Worlds. Can they do even better this year?

Rank in 2022: 8

The other Swedish team is Team Spirit from Kungsbacka & Mölndal. Coached by Karin Ahlberg, Malin Heidenfors and Catherine Leo, the team will present "Top Models" for the short program and "Dreams" for the free.

Rank in 2022: 7

Team Switzerland
Qualified for Switzerland, the Cool Dreams Juniors from Burgdorf will definitely be aiming for the top 10 they reached once in 2019. The Swiss champions, coached by Nadine Banholzer and Tanja Schneider, skate about 8 hours a week.

Rank in 2022: 11

Team Turkey
Coming from Ankara, Turkey, Team Vizyon Junior is coached by Bükre Erturk. For the short program, the team will skate to "Music" by John Miles and Andrew Powell. In the free program, you will hear "Petrunko, Sweet Dreams" by Triticum. This will also be the first-ever Worlds appearance for this young team.

Rank in 2022: -

Teams United States
We end this overview with the selected American teams.

Lexettes from Lexington, in the Boston area, are coached by Lee Chandler. In 2018, the team finished 6th. That was their best finish at Worlds. This season, the Lexettes will perform Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation" on the short program and "I Will Wait For You." 

Rank in 2022: -

The New York Skyliners also crossed the Atlantic to France this week. The head coach is Joshua Babb and the assistant coach is Pamela May. The Junior Skyliners are the 2022 runners-up and were one point away from winning the World Cup last year. A gold medal this year would be historic.

Rank in 2022: 2

Junior Worlds 2023
Participating teams - part 1

Results - TOP 3

ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships 2023
Angers (FRA)
MAR 10, 2023 - MAR 11, 2023

TEAM Score
1Team Fintastic (FIN)191.72
2Nexxice (CAN)188.65
3Skyliners (USA)186.63