Neuchâtel Trophy 2022: The Gold Race


The winning Musketeers junior team seconds before entering the Neuchâtel ice.

Emotions and good energy! The international competition of the Neuchâtel Trophy 2022 ended on Saturday evening in Switzerland. The public was able to appreciate some wonderful performances and saw some changes at the top of the podium.

ADV picture
Junior ISU
Already in the lead after the short programs, the Musketeers from Helsinki, Finland, won the Neuchâtel Trophy 2022 in the junior category. Skating their program "Magic Carpet", the team flew straight to first place. Musketeers also achieved their best score of the season: 201.82!

The day was also magical for the Northernettes who will go back to Minnesota (USA) with a silver medal. The team was the strongest on Saturday evening with a flawless and emotional program (total: 173.30) 

Starlights and DC Edge, also representing the USA, finished in 3rd and 4th place in the competition. 

Starlights presented a clean program and a beautiful performance! Fourth after the short, the team finished in 3rd place with a score of 158.83. 

DC Edge was less fortunate on Saturday. The team suffered several falls during the performance and as a result, 5 points were deducted. Second after the short program, they finish fourth in the end with 149.64.

The two Swiss teams finished 5th and 6th with a 20 point gap between them. 

The Cool Dreams Juniors showed maturity in their free program, which they skated without any significant mistakes. They totalled 129.94 points, almost the same score as last week in Rouen.

Starlight Junior presented "Mountains", their new free program this season. In grey dresses featuring a mountain design, the team from Zurich earned 74.99 points (total: 109.84).

After the Swiss, the Hungarian teams complete the rankings with a difference of 5 points between them.

Team Magic put on a powerful and fresh performance. Their rock-themed free skate brought the team 76.05 points for a total of 106.95.

Team UTE definitely has a bright future. The young Hungarian team presented a very good free program on Saturday in Neuchâtel. The 71.32 points received were added to those earned on Friday, and the team finished with 101.08 points and 8th place.

Skating Graces (GER) opened the junior free programs.

Illuminettes started their program with a lovely lift. However, the team from the Netherlands had problems in both intersections, and several falls marred the performance. Total score: 99.16 

Team Mirum from Spain skated their free program with enthusiasm in purple dresses. Despite a fall just before the intersection and two deduction points, the team won 55.16 points, 85.92 in total.  

The German team Skating Graces was the first to compete on the ice. The Chemnitz skaters totalled 84.28 points for their two programs. 

Senior ISU

Entering the ice, the Russian Paradise team was determined to win gold, and they did it! Thanks to a perfect free program skated to lyrical music, Irina Yakovleva's team overcame a 4-point gap from the short program and won the competition with a score of 234.42!

Marigold IceUnity, from Finland, the leader of the short programs, finally won the silver medal with a score of 230.54 - which is much higher than the team has achieved so far this season. This is a great reward for Anu Oksanen's skaters, who had not competed abroad for almost two years.

With their free program "A Star is Born", Team Unique won the public's applause. Indeed, Mirjami Penttinen's team performed a very nice program for a score of 225.06, which is, as for the other Finnish team, much higher than what they could achieve during the Finnish qualifications. Team Unique thus sets a new record for the season and finishes with the bronze.

Team Berlin 1, representing Germany, finished 4th in the competition. The skaters once again proved their confidence and progress. They earned 180.24 in total. 

The only American team in the senior competition, Adrian College finished with 5th place (170.63). The team skated with great energy. At the end of the program, one staff member exclaimed, "That's my girls!"

Despite a fall, the Swiss team Starlight finished in 6th place with 157 points. This result is significantly higher than what the team has achieved so far. It is, for example, 15 points more than at the French Cup. 

Always highly applauded by a large group of supporters, Team Fusion (ESP) finished 7th after a program on the theme of tango. United Angels from Germany is 8th after a jazzy and sparkling program. Illumination (NED) delivered a flawless performance and took the 9th position, and finally, Team Phoenix from Belgium was 10th.

Results - TOP 3

Neuchâtel Trophy 2022
Neuchâtel (SUI)
FEB 10, 2022 - FEB 12, 2022

Mixed Age
TEAM Score
1Snowflakes (SUI)53.66
2United Blades (SUI)46.25
3Ice Storms (SUI)38.63

Junior B
TEAM Score
1Team Berlin (GER)60.67
2Team Emerald (SUI)50.15

TEAM Score
1Musketeers (FIN)201.82
2Northernettes (USA)173.30
3Starlights (USA)158.83

TEAM Score
1Team Paradise (RUS)234.42
2Marigold IceUnity (FIN)230.54
3Team Unique (FIN)225.06