Finland: the confidences of 5 teams before the qualifications


The junior team Valley Bay Synchro performing its new short program. (Credits: Ville Vairinen - 2021)

The first round of the Finnish National Qualifications take place this weekend. This is an important competition for the ISU teams as it will be the real start of their season. The top 5 ISU junior teams in 2020 give their impressions.

Dream Edges
With 184.08 points, Dream Edges topped the first qualifiers last year, just before the pandemic cancelled all subsequent qualifications events. After a year break, the team is excited about finally competing for an audience.

"Although we have many new skaters on our team, we have worked very hard and can't wait to see where that takes us. We also can't wait for everyone to see both of our programs which are very different themed from each other. Our emotional short program is called Maan korvessa kulkevi lapsosen tie, which tells a beautiful story about a child and an angel. Our powerful free program, on the other hand, is called Alchemy."

This year, Dream Edges skaters are younger than in previous seasons. "So many from our last seasons' team went to our new senior team. We also have a new head coach, Tiina Turunen," added the skaters a few days before the competition.

Team Fintastic
Team Fintastic finished 2nd of the last national qualifications in November 2020 in Tampere. The team had totalled 181.28 points. "It has been a while since the last competition we participated in, so we are very excited about next weekend and the possibility of competing again. We have a new team and new programs, so we can't wait to skate," said the team.

At the beginning of the season, Team Fintastic got new skillful skaters into their team. In addition to Milja Sarkkinen - the team's head coach and choreographer -, Laura Spiridovitsh, alongside Kaisa Arrateig, also coached the team this fall.

Team Mystique
"After an exceptional year, it feels amazing to get back to competing. We are extremely excited to get to perform our new programs. We have two really different programs to show the audience," explained Team Mystique.

Last year, the little sisters of Team Unique finished with the bronze medal and 167.38 points. For this upcoming season, "we have 27 super talented skaters in our team, and nine of them are new. Our spectacular skating skills can be seen in our programs whose themes and moods differ a lot from one another this year."

Valley Bay Synchro
Fourth in 2020 at the first qualifications (151.59 points), Valley Bay Synchro's main goal this year is to skate with their hearts out in their new programs. "Our short program is touching and beautiful, and the spicy free program is gonna blow your minds!" said the team.

"The Giving Tree" is Valley Bay Synchro's new short program. "You will see a new side of Valley Bay Synchro in our free program, in which we present a revised version of Carmen," continued the team.

The strength of this year's team will be that, despite the addition of a few new skaters, the team has remained relatively similar to last season.

Musketeers have thirteen new skaters this year, and the coaching team is also a little different, with Maikki Merilehto being a new addition. "We also have a new and exciting short program, which is called Light at the end of the Tunnel. And what comes to our free program, you'll find out very soon..." said the team.

The team explained that they are very much looking forward to returning to competitions. "There's also a little nervousness in the air, but at the same time, we feel confident because we've been working really hard and made great progress. We enjoy skating our programs, and we hope that the audience will have as much fun watching."

The juniors won't be the only ones competing this weekend at the Helsinki Ice Hall in the first national qualifications of the season. Other junior teams, the Seniors and Novices, will also be presenting their new programs. The competition will be held on Saturday and Sunday.