Team Illumination won OTM's contest


Team Illumination from Kids on Ice (Netherlands) did the best score with their video. /Credits : Kids on Ice, Bert Gelmeers

One Team Movement first contest is now over. 12 teams from 6 different countries entered the contest and tried to collect a maximum of points on the social networks. The organisation announced yesterday the winner: Team Illumination from the Netherlands.

Since the kick-off last July, One Team Movement (OTM) sells t-shirts to synchronized skaters, coaches, and fans around the world. For this new season’s start, the organization wanted to pay it forward with an official OTM giveback: a video contest. The competition was open to any and all teams as long as at least 1 skater on the team purchased a shirt. 

We were blown away by the video content that was submitted and by how viral it went.

—  One Team Movement

3 questions to...

After the reveal of the first winner (Team Illumination from the Netherlands who will receive 1’000 Canadian dollars), we contact one of the One Team Movement member, Lisa Miadovnik. Interview. 

Jura Synchro : How do you feel after this first OTM contest ?
Lisa Miadovnik: We are so happy and humbled with the results of our first contest, #OneTeam1K. Each video is wonderful and unique in its own way, including original songs, powerful quotes, drone footage, pictures, and clips of teams having fun and enjoying the sport they love; together. We were blown away by the video content that was submitted; AND by how viral it went. Our main goal of creating a more cohesive synchro community and to provide monetary compensation to teams was achieved, but in the process, other wonderful things happened as well! Teams came together to create their contest submission – many of them reached out to OneTeamMVMT telling us how much fun they had making their videos - and then we watched OneTeamMVMT grow exponentially over the two-week period! OneTeamMVMT reached almost 400,000 people thanks to the contest.  

Did the teams respect the rules?
We wanted to keep this contest as simple as possible, while ensuring rules were in place to keep it fair. All of the teams respected the rules, and were diligent about connecting with us regarding any rules they were uncertain about. As we develop, we appreciate the keen eyes and creativity of the synchro community and the ability to build and grow OneTeamMVMT together. 


Are you planning to organize this contest once again ? If yes, do you already know when ?

We are planning other givebacks for the synchronized skating community.  With peak competition season approaching, we want to be careful not to divert skaters' attention away from their training. We are brainstorming ideas for other great contests and welcome ideas from the synchronized skating community. We would love to have regular sponsored givebacks, where prize money and in-kind gifts are donated, in exchange for video content. However, that is more of a long-term goal.

It’s hard to say how many teams are wearing the OTM shirts now. So far over 600 shirts are being worn in 8 countries around the world (Canada, USA, Mexico, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, and Australia). The movement has caught on more in North America and Australia, and OneTeam MVMT is hoping to attract more teams from Europe!


We thank Jura Synchro for their continued support of OneTeamMVMT and our combined efforts to create more awareness of the sport of synchronized skating and a more cohesive, collaborative environment. 

—  One Team Movement

Discover the participating teams : Infusion Junior (Australia), Sakura Open (Canada), Dazzlers Open Juvenile (USA), Nexxice Novice (Canada), Nexxice Intermediate (Canada), Les Supremes Junior (Canada), Team Spirit (Great Britain), Crystallized Adult 1 (Canada), Synchro Turnhout (Belgium), Dazzlers Novice (USA), et Jitterbugs (Australia).