At 6 years old, Isabella makes beauty tutorials for synchro skaters


Isabella is 6 and has already been skating for three years.

There are very young synchro skaters who don't go unnoticed. This is the case of Isabella Green, 6 years old, from Cardiff in the United Kingdom. In a very funny video published today, the little girl gives her beauty tips for synchro competitions.

Isabella skates in the Pre-Juvenile team Magenta in Cardiff.

What does she like about synchro? "I love being part of a team and skating together with all my friends. We are the best team and look after each other when we are skating in competitions. I like winning competitions and we have a wonderful coach called Kat who makes all our lessons lots of fun and she always makes us laugh and smile," explains Isabella.

Take a makeup and hair lesson off Isabella

Isabella has two favourites teams. The first one is Team Magenta Senior (GBR) because "they are all brilliant skaters and I want to be like them one day. I like watching them practice, especially when they do the lifts. The older girls look after me as well and help me when we are practising," said the young synchro skaters. Her other favourite team is, of course, her Pre-Juvenile team "as we rock the ice, we work hard, have lots of fun and I love being part of this team," concluded Isabella.

What is her dream when she will be older? "To be the best ice skater and win lots of competitions with Team Magenta, my coach Kat, and all my friends."

Isn't it adorable?

With Isabella and her friends, the future of synchro skating is bright! 

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