The Junior Black Diam's are preparing for Winter Cup

Black Diam's skated to a flamenco this year. / Credits: José Da Silva

Signing the 2nd best performance at the Masters of Compiegne a few days ago, and with a rink completely renovated, the juniors of the Black Diam's team are motivated than ever by the new season.

The Black Diam's skated their short program for the first time in front of their audience during the first French competition, the Compiègne Masters. "For this season, we are skating on a flamenco. This theme is in total adequation with the experience, the history and the character of the team "explain José and Olivier, communication managers of the team.

Practices on different ice rinks 

Their rink having reopened a few weeks ago, the Black Diam's have not been able to prepare for the competition on their ice at home: "For two years, we have made our preparation in different rinks: Rouen, Vitry, Garge, Reims, Amiens, and even Metz! We take the opportunity to thank them because, without their support, we could never have achieved this performance, "note José and Olivier.

Le compte à rebours est lancée pour notre équipe. Les Black Diam’s sont heureux de vous avoir présenter leur programme court sur un air de Flamenco ce week-end aux Masters qui se sont déroulés à domicile pour cette réouverture de la patinoire de Compiègne. Avec une équipe plus déterminée que jamais nous sommes montée sur la seconde marche du podium avec un score de 29,72 points face aux Jeanne D’arc et Zazous. Pour cette compétition nous tenons à remercier, les coachs qui sont des piliers pour nous mais également tout le staff qui nous a aidé au bon déroulement de la compétition et au soutien en or du club des supporters. Après cette compétition nous sommes encore plus motivées à apprendre et à évoluer.💎

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Last week, the team finished second in Compiègne with an encouraging score of 29.72 points. "Since our Summer camp, we had set a target of 31 points for the short program because we were aware that without practices on our main ice rink, the challenge of 34 points requested by the French federation would be complicated to achieve. It is therefore with satisfaction that we received these 30 points but we hope to be able to improve this performance because we are training at home again and we have one month left until our next competition: the Winter Cup in Belgium where you'll discover our free program!"

The team has also made a video retracing their competition in Compiègne. 

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