New programs, new teams in the Finlandia Trophy 2017

Marigold Ice Unity finished third with a few hundredths of a point difference. / Credits: Roy Ng Photography

On Saturday, the annual figure skating competition Finlandia Trophy took place in Espoo, Finland. Six teams from three countries participated in the competition with their short programs. This year Rockettes won the competition, Team Paradise came second and Marigold Ice unity came third just behind.

The winner of the competition, Rockettes, earned 69,60 points with their short program “Tiger!”. Rockettes succeeded well in their interpretation of the music, and the choreography went hand in hand with it. The theme was completed with tiger striped dresses and dark eye-makeup. With some touch-ups, Rockettes will be ready to fight for a place in the Worlds.

The silver medalist, Team Paradise, earned 67,58 points. Despite two unfortunate falls, the team skated a beautiful short program with smooth movements and a strong involvement with the music, a track by Muse. The team performed in beautiful, sparkling silver dresses with a modern touch.

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Only 0,02 points behind the Russian team, came Marigold Ice Unity. The team continued the nationalistic theme with their short program “Under the Northern Star” with a fitting dress with a star in the back. MIU skated a strong program and with some improvements the team might catch up with the leader teams.

Team Unique performed a stunning program to the music NocTUrne, a beautiful composition made by a former skater´s husband. A strong interpretation of the music, the choreography and the dark purple dress was a perfect combo. The team earned 62,55 points and with further perfections the team will be prepared for the coming season and the fight for a place in the Worlds.

The new team, Lumineers, skated a pacey performance and earned 50,65 points. Despite skaters from two different clubs, the team was synchronized and simultaneous. The sparkling pink dress went very well together with the music and the skaters beamed energy and power throughout the choreography.

This was the first time in Finlandia Trophy for Team Boomerang. The team had one fall and earned 41,90 points. The dresses fit well together with the rather emotional music, and the program contained some difficult movements, which the skaters succeeded very well in performing.

In the competition, we could see varying programs, music, and dresses. All teams performed well, despite a couple of falls. Still, all teams have much work to do and it will be exciting to see how the teams will continue forward with improving their programs.

Finlandia Trophy 2017

1Rockettes (FIN)69.60
2Paradise (RUS)67.58
3Marigold Ice Unity (FIN)67.56
4Team Unique (FIN)62.55
5Lumineers (FIN)50.65
6Team Boomerang (SWE)41.90

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