Canadian synchro skaters create OneTeamMVMT


Launched a few days ago on Facebook, "OneTeamMVMT" produces T-Shirts for all synchro skaters, coaches or fans. The goal is to support synchronized skating and create a community. Interview with the founder of this synchro movement, Lisa Miadovnik.

Jura Synchro : Why did you create this movement ?

Lisa Miadovnik : Synchronized skating has, for lack of a better term, been the “under dog” discipline of figure skating for years. Teams often measure the success of a competition based on the placement they secure, but this movement emphasizes the bigger picture. Competitions are a place to showcase our sport, so the emphasis and focus should be on wanting all teams to skate well. If we are going to achieve Olympic status one day, it will take us all working together as “One Team” and supporting one another to help the sport grow and attract the attention and recognition it so deserves. Ergo, OneTeamMVMT.

JS : So your concept is to sell some T-Shirts (25 CAD each, about 17 EUR) around the world to show a support to synchronized skating.

LM : By uniting the synchro world visually, by way of a T-shirt, we aim to build a sense of community. Imagine a competition where competitors, fans, and officials alike are wearing the same OneTeamMVMT shirt. Imagine that competition being televised – we would certainly give them something to talk about!

OneTeamMVMT has been created by Lisa Miadovnik, a Canadian synchro skater since 20 years. She’s surrounded by other synchro skaters or relatives to Nexxice Senior and Fusion Senior teams : Kristen Loritz (artistic director and design), Tiffany Elliot (marketing), Lee Chandler (social media and international sales) et Emily Penrose (local sales). /Credits: OneTeamMVMT

JS : What will you do with this money ?

LM: 100% of all proceeds will go back to synchro. Exactly how the funds are distributed depends on how many shirts are sold, and the volume of funds generated. At this time, the goal is to create two streams of funding; one for teams, and one for skaters who may otherwise have to quit skating for lack of funds.

JS : For the teams located far from Canada, are you making a special price ? Or a reduction due to the shipping costs ?

LM : We are working hard to find the most feasible shipping option for International orders. At this time, no discounts for International orders are being applied. The best option is to buy shirts as a team or as a club/organization so that shipping costs can be divided.


JS : You said that synchro skating must be more popular, what could we do to help this sport to be recognized ?

LM: Education is a huge component – synchronized skating has evolved so greatly over the last 5-10 years, and many people outside of the synchro world have no idea the quality of skating that teams are now executing. During a recent conversation with a figure skating mom (with no synchro knowledge), she was told the Mexican synchro team did double axels at Worlds last year and she nearly fell off her chair! We need to blow the stigma out of the water – synchro is an elite sport that figure skaters choose to be a part of. By showcasing the sport, and emphasizing the strengths of each team, hopefully, people in and out of the synchro world can start to see this sport for the remarkable discipline it is.

JS : Are you dreaming about synchro at the Olympics ?

LM : Who isn’t?! Synchro has come a long way, and has further to go, but we are on the right path.

JS : When the action is gonna be finished ?

LM : Never! This is the start of a long-term movement. We’re just getting started :)

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